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New idea? How many do you make?

I wondered if, when you have a new idea, how many of them do you make?
I know people like variety but theres no point in making 100’s of something if they don’t sell. So I wondered if you have a set number of items you make to try out your design

I would tend to make 1 or 2 of the new design but in several colours - if I make lots but in one colour and they don’t sell I would have no way of knowing if it was the design or the colour that was wrong (or if I just hadn’t found the right audience).

My most adventurous is my dog coats. As made some for my dogs I thought would give it ago. I had some custom orders, then I made some standard size ones and i have 2 remaining. So I have just gauged it. Will be making some more and try to get as many done as I can. But, unfortunately, fabric has gone up, so will my prices, so I’m a bit miffed about !
Just bought some today and was gob smacked as it had gone up! And I dare not make any mistakes!!!x

I tend to make things in 3’s so at the moment I’m making 3 loads of bunting.

A lot of my items are one-offs, but the scented lavender birds I can do a few of. When I first made them I did one in a particular fabric which was popular so I made a few more just in that fabric. When I get new fabric in I make max of two in that fabric and see how they go before I make any more. No point spending time making stuff that isn’t going to sell (unless it’s for artistic reasons which is satisfying in itself!).


I usually make a batch of similar items, i e some in copper, some in silver, some with crystals, some with beads, some with stones, and list them in different places. I’m not very good at making the same thing over and over: my brain always wants to tweak it somehow!