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Impatient to start a new make

Anyone else share my problem? I came up with a new design for a scarf today - made a trial sample which worked really well and am now itching to make the real thing. Trouble is I know I need at least 3hrs to get it done (maybe more) so have to wait until I have some free time. Monday tomorrow and back to the day job so it may be a while before I can get going :frowning: but I want to do it NOW!


I have this problem all the time! I have all these ideas racing round in my head but I never seem to have the time to make them :frowning:

I know exactly what you mean! I have got some casting done and cleaned up but do I have time to solder the designs together? Nope! I need a good few hours to set the workspace up and do the job but the time never seems to arrive :frowning:

Yes, I know that feeling, always other things I have to do first.

I’ve got several items half finished at the moment because my head is always full of ideas and I’m so impatient to start them and then another idea pops up and I start something else. I was up really early this morning because a new story was mulling around in my head and I had to get up and start writing it. I also have a sheep with 2 legs, a dog with no legs, a dress with sleeves waiting to be sewn in, several little shops waiting to be assembled and lots dolls in a state of dismemberment. I always finish them but my mind seems always seems to go at a faster pace than my fingers :slight_smile:

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I too find that the day job gets in the way when I have things I want to make. I wish I could craft full time but I know that’s never going to be a possibility :disappointed:. I also have the problem of loads of new ideas when I haven’t finished making the ones before and end up with a backlog of work in progress!

I have a different problem - I buy stones that are pretty as and when I see them but because of their markings I’ll never be able to get another exactly the same. I then live in a puddle of indecision about what to turn them into in case the one I set into a pendant is the one that some one really wants as a brooch. I’m working my way through the ones that can only be earrings (matched drop shaped pairs) but the voice in my head is going ‘but what if they want them with hooks not stud tops?’…

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If I was still working I would have to throw a sicky in that situation.

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Oh this is why I like Folksy because of the number of like minded people!!
At the moment I have two baby blankets on the go and a new shade of yarn just winking at me in the corner!! But then there’s also two pairs of bootees, a cardi that needs the sleeves sewing in and some buttons and one that needs the sleeves knitting. So what do I do but start making a scarf for myself that will never appear on Folksy! Always wanted a middle name - I think it should be procrastination!! :wink:

Exactly the same here!! I’ve been itching to get going on some screen printing since I couldn’t sleep one night because I kept thinking about it! Trouble us I’ll have to do some test pieces first and wait for emulsion to dry etc… Agh!

Yes I too struggle for time.

We painted & decorated last week so my crafting had to be put on hold as no table to work from and my materials were boxed up for safe keeping.
During that time I had so many ideas whirling through my mind. It was really frustrating.

I’m hoping to get cracking again tomorrow


Well I couldn’t wait any longer and despite having lots of other things I should have been doing I embarked on my scarf this afternoon and am really pleased with the results.


Do you ever photograph the stones with empty mounts etc. for the customer to pick their product? I’d love that as a customer!

I haven’t figured out a good way to show them here as the price would vary depending on how they want the stone set and we only have fixed pricing here but I do a number of open studio type events through out the year and have the ‘folders of delight’ (ring binders with the stones in old photographic slide storage pages in them separated with foam sheets) available for people to browse through. I have picked up a number of commissions in that manner where people have picked their stone and how they wanted it mounted. It also serves as a useful library when people have come to me going ‘I need something to go with …’ (waving a photo/ dress/ accessory at me) or ‘I need a present for…’ I can respond with ‘what about…’ and have a sample to show them, sometimes its the right piece, sometimes its not but it gives us a starting point. And sometimes people think they know what they want but put the right stone in front of them and they change their mind!

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Oh it is so good to know other people are like me! Because I make lots of different things and have lots of different events to sell them at, I am always in the middle of several items! At the moment I have a half finished embroidered sampler to frame for an order, 2 stuffed dachshunds waiting for ears, a pagan embroidered ceremonial cloak waiting for a lining so it can go on my stall at an August event, a pile of fabric for dog snuggle tunnels glaring at me because they need making … and my accounts to finish … thank goodness I am not alone!! One of the things that concerns me is that I do not have a “target market”. I do craft fairs, dog shows, pagan events and folk festivals so I sell a wide range of things - is this too broad to be able to market successfully??