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Craft fair boredom

I feel like crying! Doing a fair solo today and so far I’ve not sold a thing, I’m bored to tears and starving hungry cause I forgot my lunch. Anyone in Wolverhampton fancy bringing me a sandwich?

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Is there no-one selling food there? I know that’s not ideal but it may just stave off the hunger! I’d take this time to network online, telling people where you are today with a photo of some of the items you are selling, network with other stall holders, hand out business cards etc

If it’s a very quiet fair with no-one turning up, then draft up some ideas for new projects, read Folksy Blog stuff, and if possible, download the Kindle App and the download a book to read.

Sending you a virtual sandwich with all the trimmings! x


Feel for you. Theres nothing worse than a dead craft fair especially if you are hungry :slight_smile: Willing some customers your way.

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It’s busy in bursts but none of the customers are buying jewellery :frowning: there’s no food which is kinda what I was counting on and I’ve done so much social networking/ chatting to other sellers I’ve run out of things to say lol. I think I might do some new item designs as you suggested. Wish I’d brought some marking with me!

Thanks Roz x

Hurray! A sale!


Make sure that whatever you work on is visible to customers and the designs are in a bold pen - it’ll make what you are doing a talking point and might make people buy. Don’t hide behind a tablet or laptop screen!


So sorry! It happened to me last Saturday too (did have food with me) sold nothing and hardly anyone coming through the door either, the only people looking were mainly other crafters, the ones that stopped to chat admired my work but proudly told me ‘that they were learning how to crochet’ by the end of the day I could have screamed. Now rethinking the whole craft fair thing, not sure whether to stop doing them altogether or be more picky about which ones to do and doing more research and visiting venues first etc.

Hope you finally got some sales
Gill x

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Sorry to hear its quiet, my work only seems to sell nearer Xmas so I don’t bother with fairs this time of year. I tried one in April a couple of years back, I sold 1 card for £1 (table cost me £20)to a lady on the stall next to me.

Oh no! Quiet craft fairs really aren’t fun are they! :anguished: The less you sell, the more the time drags. Hope it picked up later.

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It was busy people just weren’t after jewellery. Lots of admirers tho. One woman had the cheek to tell me she wanted to make a design “just like” mine and asked me how to. I was quite rude in my response of “well first attend three years of university at Birmingham City’s school of jewellery…” but it really narked me!


We’ve done this fair before and done well at it, people just weren’t biting today. I know what you mean tho, nothing worse than a dead fair x

I stopped doing local craft fairs 2years ago now. Unless it’s a handcrafted or handmade exclusively event, which has a good reputation, then I just won’t go! The local events where people are also selling non-handmade goods at low prices give the impression of a glorified jumble sale.

I guess what I’m saying is make sure it’s the right event for your products, with the right sort of people attending. Even then though, there are no guarantees - even popular events can suffer with low turnout if the weather is bad for example!


I think the weather has affected today because the event was in a park Manor so normally gets passing trade from people visiting the park. I’m going to put it down to a bad day, i’ll just need to make sure i remember lunch in future lol x