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Craft Fair Clearout Sale

Craft Fair Clearout Sale
Sat 27th Feb 11am-2pm
Wyndham Hall, Amesbury, SP4 7EU

I am looking for local crafters who might be interested in having a stall at an event im arranging. As this is a clearance sale costumers will be expecting reduces prices. So a portion of your stock will need to be reduced or on offer, or even seconds. A chance to get rid o fold stock to make

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I doubt you’ll find anyone here willing to reduce their prices

Why should we devalue our work?

Would you expect a plummer or car mechanic to take a cut in pay? or would you be willing to take cut in pay for the work you do?

So why ask small craft businesses to basically devalue their work, skills and time?

This kind of thing really does us no good in fact it makes it even harder to get people to value handmade.

I am sorry you dont think this is a good idea, I came up with the idea as i have lots of bits that im not making anymore as I am developing new ideas. Shops have big clearance sales why not hand crafted items aswell. Only reducing stock you want to get rid off. Only planning to do it as annual event, I have already booked over 10 ten stalls from local crafters for the event.
i dont think it devalues anybody work, again sorry you dont agree with idea.

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We are not big shops selling mass produced cheaply made items with a huge mark up.

You are comparing apples with oranges it’s not the same thing.

It’s hard enough trying to get people to recognise the value of handmade above mass produced as it is.

You could say the same for comparing the building trade to the art of handmade items
its just a chance for any crafter to sell of any unwanted stock. i can see your passionate about your craft as am I. If your not interested in the event thats fine dont be involved but dont think its necessary to be so negative towards someones elses ideas


Interesting idea. If I were near to you, I might have thought about coming as I’ve always got loads of trial runs and seconds to get rid of and I usually end up sending them to the charity shop. I have a Clearance section in my Folksy shop for such items too.

I suppose one problem could be that sellers might be expecting a bargain price for a stall!

Good luck with it, hope it goes well.

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I would join in if I lived near to the venue. I think it’s a good ideal. Personally I get sick of seeing my items if they don’t sell within six months or even less. I send them to my local charity shops, who might then sell say one of my bags for £2.00, whereas I might have costed it at £15.00. At an event such as yours I might be able to sell the same bag for half price, thus making something back for my time and fabric. To see my lovely bags for sale in a charity shop for a minimal amount is soul destroying.

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This is why I would never send my items to a charity shop.

I’d rather they stay in my shop and sold a year later. And yes I’ve had items I got upset about as they didn’t sell in a few months but suddenly sold over 12 months later with then people asking for that very same sold out item. Too late as I’d not the same fabric’s available to make another.

So you never know when just the right person will find your item when they have the money for it.

I’ve learn’t not to give away or reduce an item just because it didn’t sell straight away.

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You’re right Eileen, I should keep things longer, especially now I have more room to store everything. Maybe that could be my delayed New Year’s Resolution.

Only one week to go, i have a couple of stalls left for anyone else who is interested.