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Craft Fairs in Herefordshire or nearby for a newbie?

(Sunbow Designs) #1

Hi there,
I’ve a pre-Christmas resolution that next year I’m going to be brave and actually go there and sell some stuff. I currently have an Etsy shop and plan to open one here on Etsy very soon. I want to get a local craft fair in the diary so that I have a date to aim for. Does anybody know of any craft fairs suitable for a newbie in the Herefordshire area? I know that Brightstripe do a market in Hereford High Town quite regularly, but they seem to be a bit more experienced “proper artists”, and there’s one in Ludlow that looks quite good, but belongs to the “handmade in Shropshire” group, and I don’t live in Shropshire, so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to go. Can anybody out there help please?

(Silvapagan) #2

My daughter lives in Hereford, I’ll ask her to look into it :slight_smile:

(Sunbow Designs) #3

Thanks, that would be awesome. I’ve booked to sell at a fair in Ludlow Assembly Rooms on the 1st March, which is quite a small event… I think that’s probably best for a nervous newbie!

(Tanith Rouse) #4

Hi I do the Brightstripe ones and they’re not just for experienced sellers. It’s a lot less daunting if you can find someone to share with though. I’ve booked to do all of them next year as there aren’t many others. There was one called Handmade in Herefordshire but they’ve finished due to lack of support. The Cathedral Advent Fair is good as long as they combine it with their carol service, they may be changing the date next year though. There’s also the Haymakers in Hay on Wye I haven’t done it but know people who have. Hope that helps :blush: