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Craft Fayres in Berkshire and surrounding area?

Can anyone recommend any crafts fayres in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Hants & surrounding areas? I have been pondering sometime whether or not to branch out into doing a craft fayres, any tips?

I’m afraid I can’t recommend any in your area but doing craft fairs can be very hit or miss (eg christmas market No.1 £25 stall fee, good reputation, £40 of sales, christmas market No.2 a week later £25 stall fee, also good rep, almost £500 of sales - the difference was the weather). You need to check with the organiser how many other stalls there will be selling the same type of product as you and if they cap it (ie no more than 3 card stalls), how they will be advertising the event and whether they vet the stalls in anyway before accepting them (I’ve been to ‘craft fairs’ where there has been a lot of reselling going on). I’ve found that longer running regular events are better than sporadically organised ones - potential customers know that it will be happening and organisers know what they are doing - but even then there can be significant seasonal variation in footfall. You need to try a few and find out what works for your product. You can have a look on stallfinder or stallandcraftcollective to see whats going on in your area and then check out the social media for any possibles and if they happen regularly go and visit as a punter and ask questions to the stall holders.

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Thanks Sasha, great info, I shall have to do some investigating :slight_smile: