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Crafting in different seasons

Do any of you have specific crafts you make at certain times of year?
I don’t mean Xmas items from June onwards, or Valentine items for February.
I like to solder which means I need a ventilated room so I feel I need to solder when the weather is good and I can have the windows open. Swing I can do any time of year.

I do make my work all year round but some weather conditions make finishing work slightly more difficult. For instance: when I put colour onto my pottery items, I have to rub a high percentage of it off in a well ventilated area (this is only really possible outside), so if it’s raining, I have to try and do it under an umbrella and if it’s a really hot, static day with no breeze, I have to be careful not to get the colour all over myself as it doesn’t disperse into the atmosphere.
Also, firing the kiln in really hot conditions means that it takes a very long time to cool down and in temperatures below 0, you need to be careful unloading it that your items don’t get thermal shock. Also, the kiln elements can get damaged if you open the kiln into a really cold atmosphere.

I remember one year, 2010 I think, having to blow the colour off of my angels in the snow - that wasn’t the best of working conditions - lol!

I tend to make my items all year round except if it’s too hot outside as ironing when it’s hot is no fun at all!

I do pyrography all through the year, but did struggle a bit when we had that hot spell!

My mother-in-law used to avoid knitting larger items during the summer because it made her too hot, she used to make them on winter evenings to keep her lap warm.

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