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A creative/productive lull

(Susannah Ayre) #1

I’m assuming everyone goes through this on some level, especially those who work other unrelated jobs as well.
I work full time as deputy head of house in a busy all through school (ages 4-18). This time of year is incredibly busy (exams, tying up the end of the year, plans for next year etc) I seem to strike the balance right in the winter when I come home & hide away in my studio on evenings and weekends when it’s dark by 4pm, but when the weather eventually gets nice, I find it so hard to get any artwork done- and even over my summer holidays I can’t seem to focus on it!
I just feel that because I’m inside most of the day at work, it’d be a crime if I stayed in on evenings and weekends when it’s lovely and warm and sunny!
I’ve also got an allotment too (since January) so end up spending all my free time there. But I then start to feel guilty that I haven’t created anything new & therefore don’t have anything to talk about or promote- I feel a bit rubbish promoting stuff I made months ago.

Does anyone else go through this and have any cures maybe? Don’t get me wrong- I love my artwork & the process, but it’s very much an inside thing & I also love the outside! Does anyone almost make their crafts on a seasonal basis?

(Christine Shephard) #2

I can empathise with you but I suppose as it’s not your main employment you don’t have the same motivation to keep at it all year round as those who rely on it for at least part of their living.

I work occasional contracts to pay the bills, and find it hard to combine my creative work with the day job at any time of year, but it is more difficult in the summer. Fortunately I’m able to work purely on the creative stuff this summer, so I can enjoy the good weather during the day and make in the mornings/evenings while it’s still light. I think if you feel the creative ‘pull’ you’ll find a bit of spare time to do your artwork, but sometimes a break is actually a good thing, so don’t feel guilty, enjoy the sunshine while it’s there :smile:


I do this full time and still have trouble getting into my work room when the weathers nice :expressionless: I have started getting up at 6 so I can get as much done whilst it’s still cool and then get outside in the afternoon. I keep hinting for a big gazebo so I can take my craft room outside, but so far Oh hasn’t taken the hint lol :wink:

(Liz Clark) #4

Yes, I’m in one now to be honest. But that’s because my creative energy is going elsewhere as am helping create props and backdrops for my daughters school play (she’s in her last year at Primary), and I’m also doing their Yearbooks too!

I did manage to cut out a couple of birds yesterday, and have designed a new items for my shop, but my shop and social media for it are sadly neglected at present.

(Minerva) #5

That’s perfectly normal. There are always ups and downs. I just go with the flow. When I’m really creative, I just make things. When I need a break, I spend time outdoors, read books and just chill out. If I resist the process, I get frustrated, I make mistakes, nothing looks good enough etc. There is no point pushing it. Creativity comes back on its own and start again.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

I just had a wee one simply because it was far too hot to work in my conservatory and having a fall damaging my left arm put me into the mood of just not being creative.

It didn’t last too long thankfully and I have a few ideas now in my little black book and even finished an item to day.

I think we all get them from time to time.

(Susannah Ayre) #7

Yeah- I think I just need to stop feeling guilty when the lull comes around! It’s silly really- I do it because I enjoy it- granted in an ideal (probably dream) world it could become my full time job but until that may be a possibility, I should just enjoy the breaks really- and the sunshine! :blush:

(Rhiannon Rose) #8

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I’m a secondary teacher, and we’re still working flat out at the moment. I’m trying to order in craft supplies now, because it’s so tempting to leave it until the holiday, but then it will get put off, and then it will take time to deliver, and then we’ll be getting ready for September! For me, I find that it quite often motivates me if I start tidying my workspace, and I suddenly find myself wanting to create again. (then again, I can’t spend time outside right now as I’m a redhead).

(Karen Ellam) #9

I totally understand how you feel Susannah @curiousseagull
I’m the same at the moment. I work part time, and normally when I get home I submerse myself into making goodies for my shop, promoting, taking product photos etc…, but this past week or so I’ve really struggled to keep active online. I’ve got quite abit of new stuff to add to the shop but the motivation isn’t there.

I think it’s a mixture of it being so quiet with a lull in sales, and the hot summer weather arriving. It can be quite draining being creative, and I think sometimes we need to reenergise ourselves and come back fresher and brighter with lots of new ideas.
We shouldn’t feel guilty when a lull comes, but I know it’s hard not to as we chastise ourselves.

I think after I’ve added the new things I’ve made I’m going to start focusing on making more seasonal items and themes. I never seem to have enough made when Xmas arrives. :blush: (Sorry for mentioning Xmas)


(Oh Button Me) #10

Yeah I get it too the worst thing is I get annoyed when I feel like it and it makes it worse. I sew for a job so its hard sometimes to come home and do yet more. I’m branching out of just sewing items but when you get a good idea run with it. :grin:

(Bee Skelton) #11

I suspect everyone gets times when they feel less inclined to be in the studio. Most of my work, not just through Folksy, is painting commissions so I find receiving a client email, phone call or direct order all the motivation I need. At other times, especially in the summer for me it’s a good opportunity to get re-inspired for new subjects to paint. I take sketchbooks and a camera everywhere so the creative juices are getting primed even when not in the studio. Having said that, I love nothing better than shutting the creative door in my head and chilling in the garden with the good book :wink:

(Susannah Ayre) #12

Haha yes, I’ve spent a lot of spare time lately sitting in the sun with a book. Oh well!

(Helen Healey) #13

This really resonated with me. I too have a job and do all my crafting in my spare time and I find in the summer I want to be outside enjoying the garden rather than sitting at the sewing machine. I’ve not been short of creative ideas but just not disciplined enough to sit down and actually put them into practice. I’ve also been a bit de-motivated by a lack of sales recently after some very disappointing craft fairs but I’ve just made my second sale on Folksy and it’s boosted my enthusiasm again.

(Jan Ryan) #14

Sitting in the sun with a book and maybe a cuppa or long cold drink is a great way to spend a bit of time, we don’t often get a chance to have leisure time in the sunshine. I have highs and troughs with my painting, but I always have a pocket sketchpad and my camera with me so when I’m in one of my lull times I can add to my inspiration folder. so when you are sitting in your garden or working at the allotment you can take pics and call it work :slight_smile:
Don’t feel guilty for enjoying time off, it’s great to recharge your batteries.