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Seasonal craft selling success?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I have a question. Is there a certain time of year where your crafts sell the best?
I had great success at craft fairs at Xmas but not at othertimes of the year.
When do your crafts sell?

(Christine E.) #2

Before this year I would have said the run-up to Easter and Mothers’ Day. Now I think “Just Christmas”.

(Renphotographycouk) #3

On here I just do not have busy season, on other sites it’s Christmas and then Valentine. Then Easter with Mothers day.

(Pauline Hayward) #4

Even though my main craft items are Christmassy believe or not I do sell them at craft fairs which I’ve done in the past in the months of May, June and July. I always take my summery ones but people much prefer the Christmas ones.


(Sue Phillips) #5

Since the recession I find people are more lookers than buyers at craft fairs and we are the free entertainment on a days out during the year. Christmas is definitely the main season. I have really curtailed the number of fairs I do the rest of the year, and am not prepared to travel so far.
I even tried renting shelf space in a shop hoping that there would be a steady foot fall throughout the whole year, but the pattern seems to be much the same there too.

(Emma) #6

I had some stuff in a place that rented shelf space, over Christmas, and nothing sold. I would never do it again, because the owner wasn’t on commission she had no interest in selling, only getting more crafters to want shelves. I ended up totally demoralised because each time I went in she’d come out with a line of excuses as to why nothing was selling, and kept telling me I shouldn’t be charging anyway because I should be doing it for love.

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

Ha! Was she renting out her shelves for her love of crafts!!?

(Emma) #8

No, she was charging £20 per month! So I think the plus membership on Folksy is most excellent value compared to that.

I used to get a barrage of Facebook posts daily about the shop “buzzing”, yet no one was ever there when I dropped in. Apparently she was up until midnight pushing our items in various Facebook craft groups which only resulted in hoards of crafters wanting shelf space thinking their stuff would sell too. It’s my own fault, I should have taken notice of the high turnover in shelves becoming available :frowning:

( Carol ) #9

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for me. On the auction site last week I sold a knitted baby Christmas tree hat then a couple of days later a chunky knit scarf.

Who knows? :smile: