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Curb Chain Plated silver Help please

I’ve been buying the chain I use for my suncatchers from Markylis on Ebay for ever. 4mm x 5.5 mm (though I did have one batch which was more like 4mm x 5mm but it wasn’t an issue).

It comes in 2.5m lengths and is super strong… I can’t break it with my hands - have to use wire cutters and that is exactly how strong it needs to be. Don’t want my suncatchers falling to the ground if the chain breaks.

Problem is that Markylis Ebay say silver is out of stock, can’t find it on their website, no (working ) phone number and no response to my Ebay message.
In desperation I bought some from another Ebay shop. Just filled in a return notice as I can break it with my little finger (hope they don’t mind the 3 inch broken length I will be returning but it’s obviously not fit for purpose).

I have 2metres left …after that I am Stuck.


Try Jewellery Maker, I use them. @JOYSofGLASS they are in UK

You can get something similar from international craft - the closest I could find on their site is (currently out of stock though) the next closest is
I’ve had some of their other chains and never had any issues with being able to break them with my fingers but their customer services are excellent if you do have issues. Order by 1pm and you will have it tomorrow if its in stock (still waiting on a jewellery maker order placed on the 26th).

Thanks Sasha and @Amberlilly . I’m saving this post as the International craft chain looks to be the strong stuff - it mentions steel which is a bit of a give away.

I had a reply from the ebay seller who said she couldn’t break the chain. ! !
I haven’t responded yet but think I may need to suggest she eats some spinach. Unfortunately as it is no longer perfect, as sold - as I managed to pull 3 inches off it with my bare hands without really trying… she can only offer 50% discount.
Not worth the post to return.

But the brilliant news is that Markylis has at last replied to my desperate plea and restocked the Ebay listing so I just bought all 20 which keeps me going for a good 6 months.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: