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Custom packaging. Wondering about putting my logo on boxes

I wasa customer at a craft fair today and saw that someone had lovely boxes for their jewellery sales with their logo embossed on the lid. Can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably prices and good quality who would sell such things? Thanks,Christine

Tiny box company are always recommended for this sort of thing and they will custom print your logo onto boxes or bags. When I’ve figured out what I want my logo to be I’ll be using them as branded boxes do look good.
(they also sell their boxes individually so you can buy one of any that you think might be appropriate to see which box you like best without being left with lots of boxes you don’t like)

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Tiny Box did my boxes for me. I had designed my own logo but it needed tweaking, they were very helpful and didn’t charge me for the help with artwork. I got my boxes printed in silver foil. They look great and I’m really happy with them. They occassionally do free delivery and other others so it’s worth following them on facebook :slight_smile: