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Does packaging matter?

(JanetPearl) #1

I plan to start a new shop and I have done a lot of research on this, but have so many questions still (or may be I’m just worried too much). Let’s talk about product packaging please. How do you pack your items?
(Or more specifically:
I do felted items (sunglasses cases, laptop cases, scarfs, bags, etc.)
Should I order custom plastic bags? Or just wrap them in a nice paper?
Where can I get clothing labels in really small quantitites to start with?
What else can i do to make my products look professional?)
I’m keen on the idea of creating a positive brand image from the very beginning.

Thank you all in advance for your answers.

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(Jacqueline Austen) #2

HI there, Lovely to see you on Folksy - quality crafters always welcome here!

I do think packaging is important as I feel it adds to the experience and is a pleasure for customers to see goods wrapped with care. It conveys to the customer the items inside are also made with care too.

Have you thought about contacting a fellow folksy seller about tags, made just for you? I think this lady could be of help - her items are lovely.


There are others on Folksy too as well - don’t want to look like I am favouriting just one seller. Textile items, packaged in attractive acid free tissue, tied with ribbon with an attractive tag would be lovely and professional. Just my opinion, but I know I would like to receive items like that!

Hope this helps,

Jacqueline x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Hi and welcome.

I would also suggest tags by Steph if you don’t make your own.

The inside packaging is always the bit that needs to look nice, well presented but it also has to be strong ie no point having nice fuzzy insides packaging if it doesn’t protect the item from damage, dirt and water spoilage.

For larger items like knitwear I use tissuse paper, tied with either organizer ribbons or coloured bakers twine and a nice handmade tag with my logo on it and strap line.

Then into a plastic bag incase of rain then sturdy outer wrapping that will stay intact going through the royal mail system. You don’t want items coming out or ruined in the mailing system.

For small items I use organza bags with one of my tags or cellophone bags with my stickie logo’s I produce via my home printer.

I do use recycled packaging for the outside though as I don’t want to add to landfill sites.

I always add my packing note between the two main layers of packaging as well. It look quite unprofessional to exclude the packing note when you send out an item.

(Sally Eira) #4

hi there,
there was a discussion recently on #folksyhour on twitter on this topic.

here’s the link to the discussion on ‘storify’ (a website which summarises twitter chats) - thought it may help you …

if you can’t get this link to work (sometimes an error displays), click the link again, ignore the error message and type ‘packaging folksy’ in the search box at the top roght of the storify page. The folksy discussion (called ‘how do you package your handmade products’) will come up as the first result. click on this to read discussion.

hope that makes sense …!

(JanetPearl) #5

Hi, thank you so much for your replies and tips. Appreciate it!

(Stephanie Short) #6

Hi Janet
Hope you don’t mind me replying Jacqueline @JAustenJewelleryDesign and Eileen @EileensCraftStudio have both very kindly, recommended me here are a few tags that folksy sellers have been interested in I can also customise them too as well as business cards

Hope you don’t mind! Steph X

(JanetPearl) #7

Thanks for your info @stephshortstationery, do you sell satin labels as well (couldn’t find them in your store)? And what’s your minimum for tags?

(JanetPearl) #8

By the way, I have ordered a sample pack from @LabelName, which was nearly free, and am now playing around with those labels

The quality and the colours are good. On my pics labels are not attached, because that’s just samples. I now plan to order their minimum 50 pack with my own design.

(LabelName) #9

Thank you @JanetPearl, we’re glad you liked it!