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Bespoke jewellery packaging and earring display cards


I’ve been thinking for a while now, to possibly getting some bespoke custom printed jewellery packaging and earring display cards? Has anyone got any recommendations? What do you use for jewellery? At the moment, I’m printing my own cards - you can see them on my shop - search Bowerbird Designs to have a look! I was thinking of creating a more simplistic logo design and having jewellery packaging in maybe kraft card or something like that?

Would love some ideas and feedback please!

Cheers, Amanda

The tiny box company will custom print your logo onto their boxes (for a fee) and I’ve only ever heard good things about them - when I figure out what I want my logo to be I will be using them for custom boxes. For my stud earring display cards I sweet talked my uncle with his vintage letter press into printing me up some, I’ve not heard of any of the major companies (vista print etc) doing that sort of thing but perhaps you can adjust a business card layout to work (you would have to add your own holes later). If you have a local printing company near you they might be able to help you out.

I’ve heard of the Tiny box company, thanks I’ll check them out! Yes there are some lical printing firms about so I might look into that too! Thanks!

I use potters. They’re fab and really easy to work with x

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