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Customised pet collars

(Amberlilly) #1

Couldn’t see if anyone did these on here. Looking for info to be sewn onto the collar. My machine isn’t man enough to do it. Not just cosmetic, but done properly. My dogs keep loosing their tags and at the moment I’m writing the details on the inside of their collars.
Seen something on Facebook but it looks like it comes from overseas, and not keen.

(Roz) #2

I expect the one you saw on Facebook is one I ordered my collars for my dogs from. I ordered one with info engraved on the buckle and one with it sewn onto the collar. They took quite a while to come but was generally pleased with them. The one with the buckle info seems more robust than the other one and is fine. The one with info embroidered on it is a bit flimsy so although functional as a collar I think would stretch and deteriorate if I used it to lead my dog. I use a gentle leader on him as he pulls a lot so it is not a problem for me. I bought them at an offer price rather than the full £20+ price. Not sure they are worth full price but certainly for £6.75 ish that I paid for them they are ok.

I think in summary if your dog pulls a lot and you attach the lead to his/her collar then I would be cautious, otherwise they would do fine.

Alternatively I’m sure there are people on here that do customised collars just not sure where!

(Leathermeister) #3

Amberlily @Amberlily’shandmade I would be happy to made a couple of dog collars for you, we don’t do embroidery but can emboss or engrave onto leather if that is any good for you. Would need to know the size you require and what needs to be written.

(Eskimo Circus) #4


Hi, we do dog collars! We are looking at offering personalised ones that are stamped aluminium and sewn on