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Dangerous Amber

Here’s one for all you beach pickers, I came upon an article, wikipedia sulfer gas. That is Mustard gas and it seems that when WMD are dumped at sea (and plenty are) if the gas leaks it forms globules that get washed ashore and is mistaken for Amber, if picked up and cut or broken it will release the said gas with severe consequences.
It seems that fishermen and beach combers have been hospitalised because of it. If you google wikipedia and scroll down you can read this.
Absolutely nothing is pure any more is it?


My god, that’s a major thing, very worrying!

I couldn’t believe it,what could be more harmless than finding a bit of Amber? But google wikipedia sulfer gas and you will find it if you scroll down.

This article from the Smithsonian institute explains the position. Ironically, if the sulphur mustard remains in the deep sea, it is of low risk. It is only if it is brought to the surface that problems occur.

The description of the material brought to the surface does not sound particularly like raw amber, being opaque yellow and rather soapy in consistancy, so if in doubt, report and certainly don’t touch.

Sam x

That’s the one Sam,be aware and if in doubt. My mind turned to yellowish chunks at Bawdsey,had they been Amber,instant and comfortable retirement. I read a link below the one you provided and it seems that beeswax washes up, I could add that I have picked up one of these chunks with no ill effects,this was before I knew anything about this so now I leave well alone rather than risk instant and very uncomfortable retirement.

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I’m sure it was beeswax! The description of what happened to the Polish fishermen who picked up the sulphur mustard is quite heinous, so I think you would have known :wink:

Sam x