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Very cross

We went out earlier which was fine however when we got back I wasn’t best pleased.

At the top of my close with the road all the way across the top was nothing but dog dirt.

The neighbours and I have noticed someone has been allowing their dog to foul on the grass verges on both sides of the Close at the top but we don’t know who they are.

But today is the worst it’s on the verges and across the road and the two pavements.

The council will act if we can get photographic video etc of the offending dogs/owners, but as we don’t know when they are going to strike next as it appears to happen all different times of the day and night.

Grrrrr I just wish people would clear up behind their dogs like the rest of us responsible owners do

That’s horrible. There’s no excuse.
Our village is quite good on the whole but there’s a few people who let their dogs out lose as an excuse not to pick it up I suppose.
What annoys me is we have two bins in our village, really far apart, and one of them is always over flowing, the council don’t come and empty it. Its horrible, it’s just bags and bags spilling out.

It was in the news yesterday about council dog wardens being issued with night vision glasses so that they can tackle dog fouling more easily.

That’s horrible. We used to get dog? Poo on our drive almost every week. We thought it was one particular person until we installed a video camera on the end of our garage. To our surprise we managed to catch the offending animal, it turned out to be a cat. They used to also do it in the middle of the road if they couldn’t get on the drive because the cars stopped them. I know you can’t install a camera but are you sure it is a dog and not a cat, it can sometimes look like dog poo.
I hope you find out who it is that’s doing this.

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Slightly off topic, but it’s funny how cat doo doesn’t gave to be picked up… I suppose it’s because they’re more independent and harder to keep tabs on.

Yuk,disgusting! My daughter had to take little B to buy a new pair of shoes when she trod in a huge pile of dog doings on the way to school!
A couple of years ago we used to have dog poo regularly outside our house. I tied a strongly worded poster to the tree, suggesting they could get their dog to do it outside their own house. About a week later I came out to find a poo on my doormat! Could have been a fox…
Anyway, we don’t seem to have that problem any more, so perhaps the owner has taken my advice!
Perhaps a notice on a tree suggesting you have your eye on them?..

That is terrible and bad manners.

A couple of months ago, I went for a long walk in an area where there is lots of green and grass. I decided to stop and sit on a bench right next to some green space to rest. Then I saw a lady with her dog walking around on that green space. She was looking at the tress as her dog was doing its business nearby her. Then she was looking around for the poo. I watched her as she kept looking for it as if it was a needle in a haystack!

I got up, went to her and asked…‘did you lose something?’ She said ‘oh, no, my dog just pooed and I can’t find it…’

Well, here is a hint…it’s brown…and the grass is green…the area is small! I noticed she wasn’t holding a bag and she didn’t have a jacket on with pockets…I looked to my right and said ‘oh there it is’ and pointed with my finger. I left her to it to continue my walk. Well, she didn’t pick it up!

Lowri@twinkle&gloomart It’s because they are classified still as wild animals that’s also why you don’t officially have to report if you hit a cat with a car unlike if you hit a dog.

Hi Pauline Yes its dog dirt it’s far too large for cat dirt and I get plenty of that in my veggie plot, and we get fox scat as it’s called but it’s different to both cat and dog dirt.

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Ahh thank you. I’ve always wondered! :slight_smile:

I can relate to this. Unfortunately you’re not alone.

I live in a popular seaside village- and on one of the main streets in the village- our road leads straight from the village centre to the beach & there’s always a horrible amount of dog poo on it. It really angers me. It’s just sheer laziness & shouldn’t be allowed- though having lived here for years I’ve never ever seen a dog warden.- which I don’t understand as it’s a very touristy area & you’d think the council would want to keep it clean. & who is going to sit out and take photos of people who let their dog foul?
I see some local people with their dogs and they always pick up- so I think it’s more the visitors who bring their dogs for a beach walk. All of the restaurants/pubs/shops on the Main Street allow dogs on as well so we have a lot of them about.

I read something on the news ages ago about a lady (I think it was a lady) who started putting cream from a can and a strawberry on top of the poos on her street to highlight how much of a problem it was- kind of made me laugh.

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oh yes there’s a group I think in London who highlight the dog poo by spraying it with pink paint.

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On the subject of dog/cat poo! The size of the poo depends on the cat. If it is the dominant neighbourhood tom it is often very difficult to tell the difference between his leavings and those of a medium/small sized dog. I know this because I have a problem cat in my neighbourhood who insists on using my front garden all the time. My mum has always owned dogs (including a labrador) and it never ceases to amaze me that a cat could produce quite as much poo as this one does. But it does.

Very yucky for first thing on a Weds morning :grimacing:

Sam x

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As an update on this topic, I awoke this morning to find the offending moggy had been in my back garden and this time used one of my seed trays (which is full of hollyhock seedlings) as a litter tray, scratching most of them up in the process :confounded:

Sam x


I good way to discourage the moggies is to use citrus fruit skins. They do not like oranges and the like.
Place the skins down where you don’t want the cat to go. But don’t forget to keep replacing them with fresh citrus skins and do it often.

The cats will come back from time to time to see if the scent has gone away and if it has they’ll start using that place once again.

It worked really well in my veggie plot until I thought ok I’ve solved the problem and then of course I stopped using the citrus and they started coming back and using my veggie plot as their private tolit again.

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that is horrid…I hope you find the guilty owners.
As I understand it (and I might be wrong) a cat is considered a wild animal and the owners cannot be held responsible…so in some ways, I hope it is a dog, so that it can be stopped…

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Thanks Eileen! I’m just fishing my husband’s satsuma peelings out of the bin (he’s far too tidy).

Sam x

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A neighbour of mine used lime green spray paint and also wrote’ I’ll get you one day’ beside the poo. I feel sorry for him as the side of his garden is a woodland lane and cutting back his hedge was a horrid experience for him with all the poo.

At the moment we have peacock poo which is surprisingly sizeable :confused:

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