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December art chat thread

December is here…please feel free to show any art on this thread or just pop in and say Hello.
Today I have a watercolour landscape…with a touch of purple

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Hi Brenda,

love the colour’s in your landscape, just thought I’d pop in and share a couple of my little miniatures; :slight_smile:


Hello Brenda, hello Tina, brrr it’s a bit on the cold side, loving the colours in the purple landscape :slight_smile: and the teeny tiny paintings are adorable :slight_smile:

Hi all, its good to be among fellow painters. I’m fairly new to this selling game and still have a lot of work to do. I have lots of paintings still to upload, except this one, I keep my favorites… this is a few years old but suits the weather.


Welcome Graham…your paintings are awesome…just love them and I can understand why you wanted to keep that one. (mind you I hate snow…the only good place for it, is on a painting)
Waving ladies…great work…good to see you all…
Please remember to keep coming back to chat and show some of your work…it doesn’t matter when it was listed, or even some that are not…let’s keep this thread going !

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The most wintery painting I have on Folksy at the moment is a cute little penguin.

I’ll have to remember to put my other chilly looking paintings up soon. I love the snowy purple scene :slight_smile:

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Good morning lovely work everyone and a big welcome to some new faces, not really had any time to do any traditional painting recently, but I did manage to get some time with my inks and glitter to paint some tiles last week and I have an experiment to try today involving paint and resin, hopefully will show some pics later on…

Here’s a painting I did last night, a beach scene to counter the cold outside…

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good morning all…yes Max, lovely to see some new faces on the art chat thread…all lovely work and so many different styles.
Today I have an aceo landscape…tiny at 2.5" x 3.5"

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good afternoon, had some fun today trying something new, 3D fishes in resin, a bit labour intensive took 5 layers of resin with painting in between, but I do love the effect, also cut my finger quite badly removing some excess resin, bled a LOT!!!, hubby taped it up though. Here’s a few pics


Max,those are really different…is the red on the fish real blood then?..ouch…look after your hands, they are precious…

I have just painted 4 aceos…I will list them gradually over the weekend…getting dark now…difficult to paint aceos without good light…roll on Dec 21st when it starts getting lighter again.
Hope everyone is having a good day

Lol Brenda, thankfully no I cut it after they were done, just changed the plaster too soggy and it’s still bleeding, thankfully not as much so hopefully will be fine :face_with_head_bandage:

Hi everyone, lovely work everyone, hope you’e all keeping warm. I’m with you @GKWatercolourArt I keep my favourite works too :slight_smile: Will be listing some small cat illustrations soon.

good afternoon fellow artists…
I have a painting (well two actually) that get listed and I sit here saying “please don’t buy this!”…ha ha…I want to keep them…I DO print off copies of my favourite ones but I paint to earn money so I get torn between the lure of money and keeping some of them…dilemma…
today I have a winter snow painting…only postcard sized painted on a free set of art postcards that I got as a gift from the SAA…does anyone else belong to the SAA?

I do tricks for food… A4 watercolour.

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Graham, that is lovely…we feed the foxes and badgers in our garden every night…we save all our scraps of food for them.
Today I have a floral painting…only 4" x 6"…I don’t DO large…I paint on my lap (well on paper on my lap…ha ha)
hope everyone is enjoying sunshine…lovely here in South Wales but windy…


Aww, lovely little fox!
I’m having a little rest today as I need to wait for a canvas delivery before I can start my next Christmas commission. I did remember to list my snowy tree on here though

Love the tree Kim…so many branches to paint…wow
today I have an aceo mini painting

Hello art chat friends, it’s nice to see the thread back and looking so lively. I haven’t had much time to paint, my new puppy is taking up all my time. For those who don’t know, Tilly isn’t actually mine, she’s a guide dog puppy so I get a lot of support and a lot of rules to follow - she’s hugely rewarding but more than a full time job!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me, here’s one from the archives…

welcome back Stephie…lovely painting…great sky…
keep us updated on the puppy…