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Decoupage question

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Hello crafty folk. I would like to try decoupageing, tissue paper to glass, and I wondered what kind of glue is the best to use.
Id like to decoupage the outside of glass jars and put a candle inside, so does this effect what glue I should use.
I have pva and Im trying experiments, but as Im as poor as a church mouse Id like to avoid spending money on new glues if I can.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You can only experiment by doing one then putting a candle in lighting it and seeing what happens.

(Bizzy Liz) #3

Hi there, I use a lot of decoupage in my work. I’ve tried Studio multi-medium matte which is very good, but pricey. I recently found Acrylic Medium matte (Boldmere) in a cut price stationary/book store for just 2.99 for 200 ml and it seems to work fine. They both act as combined glue and sealer and work well on glass, but some tissue papers are more translucent than others, so you would need to experiment. Hope this helps. Liz

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Thank for your replies. Ive been experimenting with pva and im happy to say it works well. I placed the tissue paper in the hot spots on teh glass to see if it bubbles etc, but luckily it doesnt.
It cant be that simple and easy so il continue to experiment.