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Silicone adhesive for decoupage layers

I use a silicone glue for my cardmaking but when I went to buy it today I found they did not stock it anymore and offered me a replacement.But I have tested it on different papers and it is leaving a mark.
So problem is trying to find an alternative that doesnt cost the earth. I use the large 300ml tube so the tubes sold in craft stores are too small for me as I make loads of cards
I am wondering if I should coat the layers with pva glue 1st before i use it the silicone. Has anybody done this with any sucess.
I also wondered about trying a ms polymer adhesive which I read somewhere .
I will continue to try different tubes but any help would be grateful

This is what I use for 3D decoupage (if I’m not using foam pads for speed of drying) but it only comes in 80ml tubes so probably not what you want (I use it instead of silicone as there is very little smell with it)
I don’t see why coating the back of your decoupage with PVA wouldn’t work it is certainly worth a try but you would need to leave it to dry before layering so it might take up a lot of space.

thanks Diane yes I had heard of pinflair but as you said its only in small tubes and would work out quite expensive.
I will let you know how I get on with the pva and have ordered a tube of the ms polymer to see what thats like

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Have you tried looking on ebay for your original brand of silicone glue? I’ve managed to track down discontinued items on there as people get rid of old stock, it doesn’t solve the problem of having to find a different glue but does delay it a bit.

Hi Sasha great minds think alike! Yes found some on ebay, bit more expensive than I was paying but have bought some to keep me going till I work out what I am going to do

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