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Paper glue advice please

I know what glue to use for sticking glass but what is best for sticking paper thard board (as in box frame back) ?
Needs to be fast setting and not too sticky on the fingers - I tried some I already had the other day, got it on my finger tips and from there all over the paper so not using that again !

When my OH was mounting his photos on to boards he always used a spray adhesive but I can’t remember which brand.

Thanks Sasha. I’ll have a look for sprays on Amazon.

I use this for backing papers on my cards/box frames, it gives a bit of wiggle time if you don’t get your paper straight first time and if you do get it on the pretty side of your paper it will rub off without leaving grubby marks

I use this fast drying acrylic glue on all paper and card, also wood, MDF.

Thanks all. I love this forum. Have a question about anything at all and there is always someone there to give you an answer.

I’ve never been a paper craft person, it was fabric before I took to glass so never have known what to use when confronted with paper, scissors and a need to make something. :slight_smile:

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