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Definition of Handmade

(Amberlilly) #1

Can someone tell me please if only handmade goods and vintage, supplies are allowed on here. Unlike E where you can manufacturer and still call it handmade, anyone know?

(Leanne Woods) #2

You can manufacture in small runs here too. As long as the seller is also the designer then the actual making of the finished product can be outsourced.



(Amberlilly) #3

Oh right, same as on E then thanks Leanne.

(Christine Shephard) #4

No vintage allowed on here though, unless it’s been upcycled/recycled/altered or sold as a commercial craft supply (e.g. patterns, materials etc)

(Amberlilly) #5

Oops, didn’t know that! Not that I was going to.

(Sarah Eves) #6

I’ve noticed vintage fabric creeping on here recently, with some shops only selling vintage fabric, as fat quarters and fabric packs.

(Amberlilly) #7

Suppose that’s classed as a supply?