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Small query - handmade vs mass production

Hello, I’m Rachel. Not a maker, but love Folksy and am just looking for some advice really…
I came across a shop who are selling items (that I would regard) as being more in line with mass production… – I have read Folksy’s T&C’s but unsure if it breaks their guidelines. I don’t want to come across as a snitch though! Do the items you sell have to be produced (say a top…) in the U.K.? Hope my query makes some sense! Thanks.


Hello Rachel, lots of discussions on this subject happen here and I’m sure you are going to get lots of replies.
Mass produced items are only allowed if they can be classed as supplies. Designer/makers must be based in the UK, although I believe that making can be outsourced abroad (but not sure on that!). There is a ‘report item to Folksy’ button on each listing which you could use if you have a bad feeling about something. It’s nice to have someone joining in who isn’t a maker, so glad you find Folksy a good place to be.


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I don’t think we can outsource on Folksy (I know it is allowed on the ‘other side’).

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Hi Rachel,
My interpretation of the T&Cs and feedback from reporting things to admin is that designers can outsource the production of items that are of their own original design and that doesn’t have to be done in the UK (but the designer must be). So a fashion designer could get items made in eg India rather than running them up themselves. There is also no limit specified as to how many of the item could be made in a production run. The ‘original design’ clause was included to allow artists to sell prints of their work or for people to get something made which they might not be able to do themselves (printing an image onto a mug for example or getting a bronze sculpture cast) but it is, in my opinion at least, being abused by some shops and is possibly due for a rewrite.
Don’t worry about being a snitch, I do it regularly. If you see anything that you are uncertain about then use the ‘report to folksy’ button and let admin query it with the shop asking for evidence that it is an original design if appropriate.


Sorry I am so late replying to your posts - thank you so much for the helpful information! Xx