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Craft Supplies - Feedback please! :)

Hello Shopkeepers :smile: We’re after some feedback! please spare 2 minutes to add a comment.

We’d love to know what kinds of supplies you buy, where you get them from and why it’s the best solution for you?

Eg, speedy delivery, lots of choice, the best quality, made in the uk?

Is there anything you need but can’t always get at the right price without bulk buying?

We may be able to partner up with suppliers to help get you even better value for money.

Thanks in advance for any feedback! please add a comment here in this thread

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Sooooo I’ll comment here

My supplies come from a variety of place’s including local shops, ebay, boot sales, charity shops for vintage supplies of fabric, on here via a certain shop, and of course all that junk mail that comes through my letterbox.

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On possible thing would be issues with buying packaging - PIP boxes, envelopes, etc.

There have been forum discussions on packaging and where to find it etc. and where to get the best value/quality packaging.



Hi, my supplies are mainly embroidery thread and hoops at the moment. There’s a Hobbycraft on my doorstep - which is very handy as I don’t drive! It means, too, that I can get my supplies whenever I need them - no waiting. Although I am thinking of looking to buy hoops in bulk as this would probably work out cheaper for me. Most of my backing fabric comes from recycled linen and cotton clothes/sheets/tablecloths (my friends help me out here!). It’s been a while since I ordered any fabric! Hope this helps, Angela x

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Hi Hilary, I get my fabric direct from Liberty or from other Liberty fabric suppliers. I also get fabric as well as toy polyester stuffing from a local fabric shop whenever I visit. Vintage materials I buy when visiting vintage events - I prefer to see these items in person as the online photos aren’t always the best I’ve found. Wire I get from my local garden centre. Needles, thread etc from John Lewis or another local sewing shop. I do also look on Folksy for supplies and have bought E6000 glue on here as well as Liberty fabric pieces.

I don’t bulk buy, I just haven’t got the storage sadly.

I do prefer to buy fabric in person, but as there isn’t a local seller of Liberty fabric I buy it online.

I think a packaging partner would be good - we all need good packaging!


I spend rather a lot of money on silver/ gold with Cooksongold (quick delivery, good prices and I trust them that they really are sending me sterling silver or gold) so if you can get us a discount there it would be appreciated!
Cabochons and beads I tend to buy come from all over the place (literally - yesterday a delivery from India, today from Australia and the custom cutting which is done within the UK but on material I bought back from Finland). I look for uniqueness (at a reasonable price) which rarely means buying from a single large supplier.


Fred Aldous is the only place I can get sheet pewter and they sell a good variety of other craft materials, so I’m happy with the discount I already get through Folksy. Being able to get everything from one place is important to me- I don’t want to be spending postage buying things separately.

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I buy nearly all my wool and other fibres from World of Wool - love them and plan to visit the warehouse soon! Any other bits and pieces I use/need, fabric, packaging etc I tend to buy from local shops or ebay.

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i buy most items from ebay but find it bewildering when it comes to packaging sometimes.


I’m a printmaker. I tend to use 2 websites: Great Art and Handprinted.
I tend to bulk buy to an extent- this usually depends on how much money I can spend at the time to be honest as I have a room in my house which is my ‘studio’ so I can store whatever I need in there.

I am always buying decent Lino (not that horrible thin cheap stuff you used in school which most art suppliers sell), oil based relief ink (I use Caligo ink- UK manufacturer) and decent printing paper. As well as the odd thing every now and then- rollers, new Lino tools (Pfeil).
I can get everything I need between the two websites I’ve said above- though because I only use the two it’s not good if they ever run out.

I hate paying for delivery so always do the ‘free delivery when you spend over £xxx’ which I’m happy to do.
I’d always rather pay more for decent supplies.

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I buy fabric from various places but mainly ‘Plush Addict’ and ‘Always Knitting and sewing’…although I have bought off some small shops that sell via Ebay,
My thread, needles etc. usually come from ‘Jaycotts’.
Beads, charms, bag findings etc. generally come from Ebay.
I do occasionally buy from local shops, but they can be more expensive.

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I have in the past bought my supplies from ebay but if I want something urgently I will go to town to a local haberdashery.

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oh yes packing well some comes from my local shop in town, some comes from ebay but my outer packaging comes from recycled jiffy bags and bubble wrap people give me and comes from things I order. I then recover them in recycled wrapping papers, magazine pages etc etc so they are pretty, clean and strong

Here’s my latest batch

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Hi yes I just added that so people could easily click through from the banner topic :slight_smile:

From a previous discussion on the forum I think a reasonable number of people buy their (gift) boxes from the tiny box company (certainly when I run out of my current batch I was thinking of ordering from them) so a discount there might prove useful to people.


Hi Hilary
I buy yarn from Derramores or Wool Warehouse… I like to use a British Yarn… and buy 10 balls a time…
Hope this helps the yarn is Stylecraft Life Chunky…
Lynne aka Molly May Designs


I get my gift boxes from Cooksons as they do one which will go as a large letter in a padded envelope. I know a lot of jewellery makers use Cooksons too.

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I use sterling silver which I always buy from cooksongold,also art materials mainly from the Range or jacksons art supplies,this includes artists watercolour paints,watercolour paper and acrylics. Cooksongold has the speedy delivery,quality and lots of choice. I sometimes use ebay for some tools,saw blades and rough rock for cab cutting,and the stone corner at Hastings.

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Cooksons for all my jewellery making, and a deal somewhere that sells the PIP boxes would be super fab!

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The Real Felt company for good quality felt. However like a lot of companies they have finished doing 30% wool felt, 30% is much better for toys as it is easier to turn but still complies to British Standards for toys.
Also have trouble getting good packaging, I have purchased from EBay but sometimes its not as good as advertised.

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