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Degenerative Disc Disorder - please give me some tips!

(Lisa Harrison) #1

Hi all,
I’ve been suffering with my back for months and have recently been scanned and found that my discs are drying out and I’ve got lots of protrusions pinching nerve roots. I’m waiting for physio…its a long wait!
Anyone got any tips on things to ease it? Especially right at the base of the spine - it feels like it is coming apart from my hip bones some days
I’m doing gentle exercise, stretches and pilates but these aren’t helping much
Thanks and love, Lisa

(Joy Salt) #2

I used to have bad backs frequently - I commuted long distances (30000+ a year) and then sat at a desk all day - absolute killer. I used to treat it not with the usually recommended heat (nor the chyropractor who tried to cripple me)
but with cold / ice.

First sign of trouble and it was out with the frozen peas / ice-pack which I applied until well after my skin was really cold, It always worked wonders for me so it might hopefully ease things for you. I think it reduced the inflammation.

Fortunately once i found a local job my bad back problem vanished like magic and now I don’t have a job at all… I only get sore fingers :slight_smile:

(Christina Green) #3

OUCH! Hmm, backs are tricky. Hope you’ve had some anti-inflammatory pain killers given to you - ibuprofen, topical ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac etc, and I hope they agree with you as I know not everyone can take them. If they suit you, do take some, they can really improve the quality of your life. You could try some dietary supplements, maybe look into things that are good for joint health, glucosamine, fish oil? You might benefit from lower back support - you can get things that look a bit like corsets but with velcro. Don’t know if it would be comfy for you though… Good luck!

Best wishes,

Chris x

(Silverspiral) #4

Oooo sorry to read your having probs hun,
Best advise i could give is what i did and that’s try to work through it, I cant take anti-inflammatory medication though, I was under hospital for a year doing the hydro therapy for 6 months and then physio for a further 6 months, Hydro did help a little, so if you can get in for that through your doctor it’s certainly worth going, or to the swimming baths (not to swim) small movements can help keep you with some movement, without the pressure.
Hope you get your treatment sorted soon.
Jax x