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Destash knitting yarn

(Rosesworkshop) #1

When I’m doing a custom order I’m usually careful to agree exact details (and payment!) up front, but because this was for a family member I didn’t, so I’ve been caught out when they changed their mind :frowning:

I now have 10 x 100g of acrylic DK yarn that cost me over £50 sitting in my stash doing nothing. Would you like it? I’m open to sensible offers.

The colour is a lovely mid blue, all the same batch. It’s brand new still sealed in the plastic outer bag. If anyone is interested please reply on here or DM me and I’ll set up a listing.

(Rosesworkshop) #2

OK it seems that 50 people have read this and no-one is interested enough to even make an offer, so I’ll put it on that well known auction site and see what happens. Have a lovely Sunday :slightly_smiling:

(Minerva) #3

Why don’t you keep it for yourself and make items with it? Bit by bit, you’ll go through it…you might even make more than the cost of the yarn. I always keep yarn if there is some ‘extra’. There is always something to make.

(Rosesworkshop) #4

Thanks Minerva, with a 100g or so of my normal wool that’s what I would do too. Sadly it’s not really likely that I could make use of such a large quantity.

I made the decision several years ago to use pure British wool in my shop, and only use acrylic by special request. I cannot wear synthetic fibres myself, otherwise I’d just make something for my own use.

It’s a pretty inconvenient change of mind by the person concerned. Of course I love them dearly and bought the replacement gift without comment :grin:

I’m sure somebody will love this yarn and make good use of it, I just thought I’d give Folksy peeps first chance.