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Anyone interested in some 100% wool yarn?

I was about to put this on my local FB selling page but just thought there may be someone on here that could make use of this.

It is all 100% wool 1ply 1/1nm 50g (approx 50m) balls. It is NOT super wash. Recommendation six 8-9 needles - fairly chunky.

I have the following
1 x Blue/beige
4 x dark brown
3 x bright pink
4 x purple (?magenta) - not too sure how to describe it!
5 x purple (?magenta)/beige

Looking for £2 per ball (or £30 for the lot) - postage would probably be small parcel size

Hi, I would be interested in buying them if they are still available.

Have sent you a message :slight_smile:

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