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Black Friday

Hi everyone,

Black Friday seems to have become quite a big thing in the UK. I was wondering if any one was planning on doing anything for it this year? Maybe special offers, discount code etc.?


Was just discussing this with hubs yesterday…he said don’t do it, you’ll end up giving things away. I’m not sure though.

I won’t be doing it - I don’t have the profit margins that the big stores have and can’t afford to slash my prices, even for one day. As a buyer I wouldn’t expect to see a small business participating and to be honest I won’t even be looking at any of the big stores - can’t be bothered with the stress and competition of trying to get an item at a bargain price!


I agree with Roz. I don’t know why we’ve even picked this ‘tradition’ up in the UK. The large stores seem to have sales every other week nowadays, so it’s not that unusual now. Not like the old days when shops put their prices up around Xmas time, then didn’t lower them until the January sales. Which actually started in January, not on Boxing Day. It just smacks of desperation to me, all these high street shops having all these flash sales all the time. I know some places do massive Black Friday deals, but it is the massive stores who can afford a few loss leaders to get the punters in, or they are just getting rid of the toot. It doesn’t make any sense for a small business to get involved with our small margins. It’s the 2nd last payday weekend (for monthly wages) before Xmas, which going on previous years, is the start of the big rush for Xmas for me, and that’s without me having to slash my prices to get customers in.


I don’t take part either in reducing my prices or going shopping. If my TV packed up or the microwave went bang at the beginning of December then I might wait a couple weeks before replacing it but unlike some people, I don’t go out and buy things that I don’t really need just because they are a bargain. A bargain is only a bargain if its something you need, if you don’t need it then spending money on something you don’t need isn’t a bargain in my books.


Heh, no. I don’t really understand the phenomenon myself.

It seems like those big box stores have perpetual sales so it’s all meaningless. Besides, I’m a terrible consumer, I only ever seem to buy fabric and groceries.



It sounds fraught with problems for everyone to me. A practice I intend to boycott as both customer and seller. I agree with the general comments above.

I don’t like the idea of Black Friday, but some people like to scramble for a bargain, well I say to them go ahead, but I’m not joining in.

I personally thought black Friday was were large stores get rid of there old junk thay couldnt shift.
Yet agian another stupid thing thats from the USA.


Thanks for your feedback everyone. I agree that big shop sales seem to be constantly throughout the year now and lots of it is shops getting rid of tat. I remember watching the news last year and people were fighting over items in store. Madness.

Still looking for my first sale here so think I will steer clear of Black Friday offers.

Its the busiest shopping day of the year and many many places will be offering discounts, I think buyers will expect a discount or offer of some sort or will just go some where else. Also on cyber Monday.

If someone similar to your products if offering a discount…even if its free shipping of 5-10% off…they will choose to buy there

I’ll be doing an offer all of that weekend - that’s the only one I’ll be doing over the festive season.

Its not everyone’s thing but I do think people expect it now.

It’s a busy shopping weekend but I don’t think shoppers will only shop if you’re having a sale or offering discounts.

Last year I had 26 sales over that four day (Fri-Mon) period and I was not offering any form of discount.


I don’t think people expect all shops to have a Black Friday sale, though I do think that Black Friday is now seen as a huge shopping day, both online and in bricks and mortar shops. Like @Beledien mentioned above, last year Black Friday was huge for me too and I had no offers or discounts available.

I agree with Sams Gem Jewellery, I don’t like the idea of going wild about shopping just because it’s reduced and you don’t even need half of the things you buy on those days. As a business of course would like a lot of sale in short period, but I am already pricing my items almost as minimal as I can, I could give max 10% off, but definitely not more, (sometimes I still don’t cover half of my hours spent with some of my items).
This is my first year, so trying to see what happens without offering any deal :slight_smile:

I have tried issuing coupon codes for Black Friday in previous years, but no-one ever used them. All the sales I got that weekend were full price. Probably won’t do any special offer this year, just lots of promo to get the shoppers in

That’s the beauty of handmade though, it might be similar, but it probably isn’t the same. As a shopper, I like what I like. There’s a lot of similar stuff when it comes to fashion clothing, but I always know just the right version of that style when I see it, and even if it’s a bit more expensive than others, I’ll get it because it’ll make me happier than getting something isn’t quite right, but is cheaper. This is actually why it pays to come up with your own handmade designs, because you’ll be totally unique and customers won’t be able to get your items anywhere else :smile:


Yeah I totally get what everyone is saying! :slight_smile:

You may have had a busy day with no discounts, you might have had an even busier one with one!

Its just trial and error and each to their own - it would be good to compare after - if I offer a discount and don’t attract more sales it will be good to know I don’t need to do it next year!

i think it sounds like you will be busy with or without which is FAB! :smiley:

I work for a well known shop and it kills them to do Black Friday deals; to keep up with the other shops, all the extra deliveries, staff costs, yet lower profit margin. We go from 50 shop/collect parcels to 300 parcels a day and they are expecting it to double this year as it becomes more of a 'thing’
we’ve been banned from using our discount over that period of time, so I think it’s all about participating and getting in with the competition.
I am not going to be making a big thing of Black Friday on my page, but I do have scope in my prices to do it, will see. I hate being a sheep though :frowning: