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Black Friday Sale - did it work?

(Feathered Avenue) #1

At the time of posting, there’s only an hour left of Black Friday - so how did we do?

Big high fives to anyone who made sales and congrats!
Even bigger well done to any newbies who made their first sale today!

Sadly, despite lots of promotion on my facebook, folksy, twitter, pinterest and emailing, I’ve had no sales, I’m a bit gutted that not even one person used the code, all week all I’ve heard is BlackFridayBlackFridayBLACKFRIDAY so I was crossing my fingers!

Hoping Black Friday has went amazing for all of you!

(Tina Martin) #2

I’ve just had a BlackFriday sale, one of my fairy prints (but I may have had a sale anyway!) I’m still running my BlackFriday over the weekend, so I’ll just wait and see if I have any more.

(Patricia Smith) #3

One sale today. The customer didn’t use the discount code so I’ve issued a refund! Not exactly a mad rush, but we’ll see what the rest of the weekend brings!

(Sue Mellem) #4

2 orders today with the BLACKFRIDAY discount, one for 3 items, one for 2.

My discount runs until midnight on Monday, so potentially still time for additional sales.


(Claire Mead) #5

No sales at all for me today

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #6

I had a sale in my Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery shop, which is the one I have the Black Friday code for :slight_smile:

(Jennifer Combes) #7

No sales on folksy, but I did 3 sales on the other E site and 500 views! Still people not tending to use code offer. So I think people are maybe just shopping anyway regardless of BF?

(Joy Salt) #8

No sale on Folksy but I did sell 12 suncatchers at the Christmas market in the rain before it became so torrential everyone ran for cover / their cars.

(Sarah Eves) #9

Over both sites I’ve had a busy week but quiet Friday - infact, the only sale yesterday was on the other side, and the address came minus a PO Box number- to add to the customer at the beginning of the week who forgot where he lived until AFTER the parcel had been despatched!!!
(luckily it was TNT and not My Hermes, as TNT customer service is brilliant)

However, I didn’t offer any Black Friday discounts.

(Julie Maginn) #10

I sold 4 items on Friday with the discount code and had my highest views for a day so I’m well pleased. Still 3 days to go so we shall see. Worth doing from my point of view. Good luck to everyone else.

(Elaine) #11

Yep, I had a sale yesterday morning :slight_smile:

(ApplewoodStudios) #12

That’s a good result … it’s encouraging to hear this.

I didn’t make any sales yesterday but I’m running mine over the weekend, so fingers still crossed. I take the view that you have to try these things and see what works - but it’s something you have to commit time to publicise as well.

(Witty Dawn) #13

I didn’t do ‘Black Friday’ discounts but I did have a couple of orders yesterdau. Interestingly one was to the USA ( which is moderately unusual on this site - but fairly frequent ‘on the other side’ ).

Quite possibly due to some ‘Black Friday’ browsing? … but maybe also due to some USA targeted tweets ?

(Samantha Stanley) #14

I had one sale but that was a commissioned item, so it would have sold anyway. However, my views increased dramatically over Friday. As my promotion is running until Monday morning I won’t count any chickens until the final figures are in. Increased views are good, though. Anything that helps spread the word :smile:

Sam x

(Rosesworkshop) #15

I didn’t do any Black Friday discounts, but have five online sales in the last two days. I think payday may have more to do with it :smile:

(Amberlilly) #16

Unfortunately, no.

(Rachel) #17

As a buyer yes I bought 3 blackfriday items and one “not doing blackfriday” item :smile:

(Ali Joyce) #18

I can’t say whether the discount made the sale but I’m delighted to report that I’ve had a sale today. What makes it doubly nice is that I had an unfortunate day at a ‘craft fair’ with everything from bought in puppets to ingredients to assemble a cookie and I was hidden behind the country’s first interactive Christmas tree - so my sales there weren’t great!! I hope everyone else has a successful weekend x

(Helen Clifford) #19

I had a sale - directly from @ciesse’s ‘not a Black Friday discount’ facebook promotion! However they came, well done everyone for sales this weekend.

(Tina Martin) #20

I had another sale over the weekend for three items and they used the discount code, so was it due to BlackFriday? Maybe! :slight_smile: