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Discount code- am I being dim?

I set my discount code to run until 30th November and presumed it would be including that date but a customer couldn’t use it yesterday. I extended it to today, but it has expired already. Am I being dim or did anyone else make this mistake?

Hi Christine, I think the date you enter, is the date it ceases. Unless I’ve got it wrong!

Oh, so I am being dim then! I thought it would finish at midnight 30th!

I have created a discount code what do I do with it now ? Help

hi - are you trying to get the code to work or promote your code?

Hi Sally both really am new to all this


after you have chosen what you wish your code to be, go to
your shop- then your dashboard - then click on discount codes which is on the left hand column - create new code - (add your code and when you want it to end - it starts straight away- and add the % off your discount code is for).

You will need to promote you discount on social networks such as twitter, facebook etc. and you can also post it on the forum here on folksy. there already exists a few threads for this:

Thank you Sally

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