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Discount Codes are now live

Discount codes are now LIVE.
You will find a link to the Discount codes admin page on the left hand side of your Dashboard.


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


Yey!! got to go and check it out :slight_smile:
great work sian :smile:

Just to say that we will be writing a Knowledge Base article about them in the next few days, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please ask here!

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Thank you sooo much Folksy!

Have discount codes in both my shops uo and running now :smiley:

Yay I have just set up my first one :slight_smile:

Brilliant news. Thanks!

up and running in my shop, it’s so easy to set up :smile:

Is there anywhere we can add a minimum spend so the code only works if order is over £10 or so?

Also it would be great if we could just add certain shop collections to the code so in my shop for instance I could set a code which can be used on all my handmade items but it won’t work on my supplies.

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Yeap, I had to set one up too!

Don’t all rush now! One at a time.
Just kidding! :slight_smile:

I know it might be a bit long winded but couldn’t you just add the code to the items you want to give discount on. That way if the buyer is reading the description they will see it there.

I like to give discount on orders over a set amount but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that and also a thank you discount?
I will just continue to refund through pay pal any discounts that I give until maybe folksy changes it

Diane, you can state in your policies or shop announcement that the coupon is valid if the minimum purchase amount is £x?

good idea but if someone adds it when they havent spent the correct amount will it still come off do you think?

That doesn’t stop people seeing a code on one of my blankets but then using it on a ball of yarn.

its early days maybe folksy will fine tune the discounts for us!

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Oh yes I didn’t think of it that way.

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Sorry, but there is a bug with the codes. Just had a customer use mine on 3 items but the code only got applied to 1 item. I will now need to refund the difference. Hopefully she won’t be upset about being overcharged

Just been playing … easy to edit too PRONOV will now get you 20% OFF

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Hello Sian
Am I correct in thinking that setting expiry to say 12 Nov will mean it expires at the beginning of 12 Nov and not end?