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Discount code help please

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I noticed the discount code option th eother day. I just went ot take a look at it and dont have a clue how it works.
If any of you can let me know, or point me in the direction to read up on hwo it works it would be apprecitaed.
Sorry to be daft.

(Planeteventsdirect) #2

Not daft atal!
I personally havent tried it myself…apparently if you click the tab it will take you to a section where you fill in the percentage of discount you want to give eg; 10%, 20% etc once this has been done your customers will receive this discount against their orders when they pay.

I believe that, that is how it works, although someone else should be along soon to advise otherwise/give clearer instructions.


(Planeteventsdirect) #3

Also forgot to mention that you may want to put a message in your shop to let customers know that you are offering a discount at present.

(Sonia Adam) #4

If you look at the top of the Shop Talk category there is a pinned post about discount codes. In there Sian explains how to set one up I think.