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Discount offer

Hi everyone, hope you all well and making some great sales.
My shop has been very quiet, no sales for ages, so I thought to offer a discount on all my items. When do you think is the best time of year to offer a discount?

Also if you have time, please have a peep at what you might think I could do better to improve sales to my shop.

I have offered discounts before with no luck and that is why I thought maybe I’m doing something wrong with listings etc.

Will appreciate all feedback please :heart:

Kind regards

I don’t do discounts so can’t help out with when to run them but have a few other tips to try before you go down that route.
Tags - I’ll admit my brain goes to mush after a while of trying to think of tags but they are really important for being found in search. Go back and have another look at them - are you using all of them? Are you covering all important features with them? eg I’ve looked at your cushions and you are missing things like ‘beige cushion’ (or whatever colour the cushion is), people often shop with a particular decor colour in mind so this might be the sort of phrase they would use.
Description - search bots can’t see photos so you need to remember to put details like colours, patterns and textures in your description (and tags) or they won’t get picked up for searches. Search bots also put a higher weighting on the first 2 paragraphs - if the search phrase that has been typed in isn’t in the first 2 paras they tend to skip over the rest of it - so your description format isn’t ideal for search bots as you break everything up into lots of paragraphs. To me you are missing info in your descriptions - are the cushion inners feather or synthetic? What are the measurements for the kids clothes? (some of them have the flat measurements some just have fits 7-8 years) Do they all have washing instructions? (I won’t buy any kids clothes or blankets without knowing that it can be thrown in the washing machine) These are the sorts of things buyers like to know and they really aren’t keen on having to contact someone first to find out.
Photos - for your decor pieces a life style shot would be good ie the cushions on a sofa and really help sell the piece to people as they can start imagining what it would look like in their home.
Fingers crossed you find that helpful.

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I would save discounts for a special occasion, if you do them too often I think they lose their appeal, and your followers will start to realise there’s one every few months so they’ll just wait for the next one to buy.

I haven’t done a discount on Folksy yet, but have in the past on other sites and like you, rarely had any luck. Sometimes when the site/a group were encouraging people to offer discounts so it was part of a bigger promotion, and other times when it was just me thinking it’s awfully slow and I’ll see if I can get any sales that way.

Mostly, none of them even got one sale. The only time I had a successful discount offer was when I had a big sale to celebrate 10 years in business. Even though it was a complicated offer (I reduced the price of my paintings 5% for every year old they were) and it was in a month that is usually very quiet for me, I managed to get sales because I had a really good reason behind it so I found it a lot easier to promote, and my followers seemed more willing to share it (and it also meant some things were up to 45% off).

Since that I’ve decided I’ll try and save them for something really big… 2 years to wait until I can do a 15 year sale :rofl:

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WOW thanks so much really lots of good information. I will defo go back to the drawing board and relook all my tags, descriptions etc. I do find that the most difficult. :heart:

Thanks for the advice Kim, much appreciated :heart: