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Special Offer codes - do they work?

Morning all, I just wanted to ask the question really.

I’ve had a shop here for over a year, and since June I’ve really been filling it up, promoting on Facebook, and more recently using the forums. I’m getting a fair few views but still no more sales (I’ve had 3 since I started). What I wondered is - is it worth me putting a discount code on for a month or so to get a few more sales or would it be counter productive?

What are everyone elses’ experiences?

I have quite a wide variety of things in my shop, do you think that puts people off?

I don’t think the variety of things in your shop would put people off - stylistically they are consistent with each other and nothing looks out of place.
With respect to discount codes - I put one out on facebook last November (10% valid for a week to help with christmas shopping) and had no takers/ sales but it did get me the highest number of views on facebook that I had ever achieved at the time. Not sure if that would be considered a success or not.

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Thanks @SashaGarrett, I’ve been trying to get friends and such to look at my shop to see what they think about the variety but nobody can be bothered!
I guess the increase in Facebook views can be considered a success, if it gets your work out there, but at the end of the day what we all want is sales.

Your things are lovely by the way :grinning:

They do work, I often buy things on special offers! It has to be the kind of thing I’d buy anyway, I do love a bargain! :smile:

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Hi Margaret, hope you don’t mind me quizzing you but do you prefer a % discount or free postage type discount? I’m thinking about running another promotion in November to encourage people to start their Christmas shopping.

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I have coupon codes in both my shops: here and on etsy - had few sales with them and extra views, so not bad :slight_smile: TLT15 here - 15% off :slight_smile:

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Generally I’m more attracted by a % type offer, those are the ones I go for most, because I save more money than a free postage offer, though that can help, depending on the rate of postage that is charged.

I don’t mind in the least being asked this sort of question, I’m here on the forum to help give the buyers point of view! :smile:

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Thanks Margaret that is really useful feedback.

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Thanks everyone, I might give one a try x

So after mulling it over for a few hours…

If you use the code SEPT10 at checkout in my shop you’ll receive 10% off your order.

thanks for your input everyone x

If you haven’t already added it there is a forum thread to make others aware of any sales/ discounts etc

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Thanks @SashaGarrett I have listed in that thread too x