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DIY kits, please share with me

(Gina Rahman) #1

I have a fb page where I am selling Usborne books. I want to share relative handmade crafts on the page from time to time.

If you have any DIY Craft kits, that ideally would suit children/young teens. Please leave a link here and I will share on my FB page.

I am hosting a book sale event this Friday via FB and raising money for a Tree of Hope Children’s Charity.

Please join in my event or share out.

Looking foward to sharing your DIY kits. Thanks in advance. Gina

(Roz) #2

These may be of interest to you

I have some wet felting picture kits in my shop which would suit children over 8 yrs old (although under 12yrs may need supervision and some help)

I also have some general craft kits made up from various bits of destash.

(Kardznmore) #3

(Kardznmore) #4
also lots of other types like robot, pirate, unicorn, butterfly

(Kardznmore) #5

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(Annelee Roscoe) #7

HI Gina,

I have a number of craft kits for making fairy houses (various), fairy dolls, fairy wands,etc. I have pasted a few below.

Sorry, I have more, but I’m already taking up a lot of the thread. :blush:

Annelee xx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Thank you that’s very kind.

I have 2 kits of paper crafting items that would be great for children

(Gina Rahman) #9

Thank you everyone for sharing your items. I will post a few out at a time on my page.

(Roz) #10

Just added another kit - for city dwellers who can’t get out foraging!