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Diy v craft guilt!

(Jill Fairbairn) #1

Hello, just wanted pop in in and say hello as I’ve not been able to keep up recently with what’s all going on…we’ve had builders here fixing the bits we couldn’t manage in our house…stove and chimney = hugeness of dust. In. Every. Room :frowning: Been in 3years and a bit but house pretty much needed gutted ( more than we realised) and I have been trying very hard to get myself up and running here but I always feel guilty if there’s a wee house job I could do first… Is it just me? I keep being told creative people are messy?! I cannot do clutter…it hurts my head…is it just me???So anyway blether, blether I just wanted to say hello, and I love reading all of your posts and I hope to join in again soon :slight_smile: x ps thanks if you read til the end of this!!

(Helen Smith) #2

I am suffering severe DIY vs craft guilt… we had a ceiling come down so have taken the opportunity to gut and redecorate the room (really really needed doing) but there is so much to do… and I have a commission to make and a couple of exhibitions coming up… aaargh!

And when that room is done most of the rest of the house needs doing, although not in quite such a drastic way,but enough to keep me feeling guilty for years yet…

(Little Ramstudio) #3

So know all about builders, DIY and dust.
We have yet to start on this property, have had the electrics done, having the roof done in June and then we start the inside, really, really not looking forward to it, The Central heating needs re-doing from scratch and its all concrete floors so we can only imagine the mess, dread the chasing out of walls. The kitchen needs ripping out but think by then we will be so sick of builders we will end up doing it all ourselves. Last house we were in we converted the attic all by ourselves, I spent months in one of those white paper suits sawing up insulation sheets and cutting plasterboard…this time we are diviidng the time between the Studio and DIY tasks, the studio is such an escape both physically and mentally from the drudge of DIY doings :smile:

(Jill Fairbairn) #4

Eek. Helen, I feel your pain…it’s a tricky balancing act!..think positive though - I bet your new room will look amazing! X

(Jill Fairbairn) #5

littleRamstudio, I empathise…we did the kitchen and bathroom first but after only 3 years and so much being fixed throughout, floor boards, plaster, ceilings…it is as if we just left them! At least the bathroom is clean now :wink: but I get v embarrassed wheel anyone comes to the door as we have a north facing (dull) kitchen down 15 steps and at this time of year the garden seems to grow overnight I feel like they’re walking down to some disused den and then the dog barks like a loony …but it’s nice inside!! X we will all get there and it’ll be worth it :slight_smile:

(Little Ramstudio) #6

We gave up trying to keep the house clean ages ago. Do love the Quentin Crisp quote about dust only getting so deep. Our windows are so grubby we don’t need nets! One day we will be sorted :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

We are the same here so far the we’ve re wired the whole house, re plumped it, put in a new bathroom, put in new central heating, oh yes knocked of part of the back of the house. Me in one of Hubbies old shirts, a big pair of those protective boots the steel sole and capped toe ones, a old charity shop scarf keeping my long hair clean and safe, big safety googles and gloves with a huge STS drill with rotory stop.

Built a pine conservatory which needs the proper flooring and plastering done. We also have a new kitchen to put in, a car port to build and the sensory garden to create.

oh yes and we have a complete car to rebuild so I know what it’s like trying to do it all and feeling oh but I must spend more time on this or that diy or craft project.

(Jill Fairbairn) #8

Eek, major work for you then!! I’m glad it’s not just me, I suppose we’d be bored if we didn’t have so much to do ha ha :wink: x