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Feeling motivated :0)

(Karen Ellam) #1


Well today I’m having a lovely day at home crafting as my main day job is closed due to the building being used for voting.

I must admit I’m loving the extra time to just chill and make a right old mess of my craft table without mithering about having to be somewhere.

Does anyone else share my woes when it comes to starting a big project? It’s really difficult to get cracking on a big idea when working part time as well.

So I’m having a quick break with a cup of coffee and a very yummy orange flavoured Blue Riband bar :blush:
I’m feeling quite pleased with myself that I’ve achieved more this morning than I have all week so far.

Happy crafting

Karen x

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Not so much motivated here as slightly panicked - the open studio scheme I’m part of starts a week on saturday I have a list of things i want to get made before it starts, some promotional events lined up to tempt people to my studio (and hopefully part with their money) and at some point I need to clean/ tidy and sort out my displays. Thankfully the exam invigilation I do finishes this week which frees up time next week for making before I start stressing that no one will come.
Back to the doming for me - I will get these earrings done.

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(Helen Healey) #3

I’m feeling incredibly motivated at the moment. I have loads of ideas for new designs and I need to restock with new variations of old favourites. Unfortunately, I have to fit it all in around my full-time job and spend all day frustrated because I’m not doing what I REALLY want to be doing :disappointed:. If only I could craft full-time. Sadly, financial commitments will not allow it - not yet anyway.

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(So Sew Megan) #4

I’m rarely short of ideas , just customers!!
Good luck with the Open Studios @SashaGarrett

( Carol ) #5

I kind of get the best of both worlds. I am only able to work part time due to various medical conditions. I work two hours in the morning, two in the afternoon but only school term time. Only 4 weeks left till the 6 week summer holiday☺

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(Helen Smith) #6

Good luck with open studios Sasha, hope you get loads of visitors - we had ours the other weekend and it was a really intense weekend.

I’m also feeling slightly panicked having discovered the piece I was just in the thinking about stage with yesterday was due 2 weeks earlier than I thought… first attempt is in the kiln now, fingers crossed it works and I don’t chip it or knock a corner off when I’m cutting and polishing afterwards… on top of that I’m doing a 2 day fair this weekend… it’s better to be busy, isn’t it??
(That’s what I’m telling myself anyway…)