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Destashing my craft room!

Since my eldest went to university last September I have been meaning to rearrange the bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is my office/ craft room. As well as Bobbles’ Blankets, I have a home based paid job and another business so my room is very important as a base. It should be peaceful and tidy but everyone uses it as a dumping ground. NO MORE!!!

Eldest was in the largest room, youngest in the smallest and me in the middle. New set up will be youngest in largest, eldest in middle and me in the smallest.

So now the destash has to happen. I have so many books, fabrics, yarns, random pieces of equipment etc. It’s scary. Even my super expensive sewing machine hasn’t been used in a year.

I think it’s quite exciting, a little bit cathartic possibly!

I’m going to buy some new storage specifically for my things. Not use random cupboards, shelves and boxes. And I’m going to get a table for my sewing machine so it’s easily accessible.

It’s going to be beautiful!


Sounds like an exciting plan - you must post some before and after pics when you’re done! Elaine

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Sound great, I would like to do similar in my workshop - not sure where to start though.

Do share pics!

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You’re too nice to your family Caroline. I would be moving my craft stuff into the LARGEST room with all those businesses to house :smile:


It will be a job worth doing, get stuck in, all the best

Sue x

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It did used to be in the largest room, but I moved rooms before. This will be the final move.

Neither of my other businesses/jobs take up much room, a couple of folders and my desk.

Crafting, or at least it’s storage, definitely takes up the most room.

I plan to spend most of today decluttering and listing on eBay.

Oh my goodness! 67 days since my last post.

Things went wrong. I got an infection, which wiped me out. Then I got a new job, which is great but I had overlap my new job and old job so I have been super busy until yesterday.

So now my craft room quest can continue. By Monday I should have fully emptied the room which will be my craft room. On Tuesday I’m going start to paint it. I’m expecting a large Kallax unit from Ikea on Friday.

My new job is only mornings in a school so I plan to spend the rest of my time on Bobbles’ Blankets. I had two sales in May and my shop is almost empty, but I’ve got lots of stock waiting to be listed. I’ve got a friend designing a logo for me, and I’ve opened up separate Instagram and Twitter accounts. Once my craft room is all done, I’m going to have a big re-launch. I do need to decide on the best places to sell my things though.


So it’s all empty and ready to paint.

it looks so dark at the moment.

It’s nice an warm today so I’m hoping that I can get all of the painting done. I’m not glossing because I only did that a year or two ago.

The carpet is staying because it’s not that old and is in very good condition.

I finally finished. It’s taken longer than I expected.

I had to do three coats of emulsion on the walls, and once I’d started, the ceiling and paintwork looked yellow so I had to do those too. I didn’t want to gloss at all!

I picked up some curtains and a lampshade for £20 at Dunelm so I am very pleased.

The furniture is due to arrive tomorrow, I cannot wait to get working in there.

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Looks great - I enjoy decorating and find it very satisfying. Hope you’re very comfortable in your new room and it inspires you to makes lots of new goodies :grinning: