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Craft room advice

(Helen Dale) #1

Anyone any advice for the best flooring for a craft room. My spare bedroom is where I sew. We’re about to change the carpets but I’m not sure I want carpet again. Bits of cotton and trimmings get stuck to it and I can only keep it tidy if I Hoover after each sewing session. I like the idea of having something I can use a dustpan and brush to clear up each time. I’m not sure about wood laminate 'cos of dropping pins and scratching it (or maybe I’m just a messy sewer!) and vinyl would just tear. So, any sewers out there have any tips on the best type of flooring?

(Donna) #2

I have laminate flooring in my craft room, which is also our spare bedroom. It’s so easy yo keep clean and looks good too.

(Plumporridge) #3

I have laminate, it is good for sweeping up just with a dustpan and brush. But the cottons do drift out onto the carpet on the landing!

(Donna) #4

They do lol I have a rug outside the door but things do escape :smile:

(Fiona Thomson) #5

i’ve got real hardwoodwood floorboards, which’ve become very smooshed & battered from rollering around on my swivel chair, but it’s my only option with my (dust and fibres!!) allergies.

but i’ve lost the battle with escaping thread - last night i found one in a spiders web, on a ceiling beam, in my attic bedroom ??!

(Donna) #6

lol @fionaT that really did make me laugh out loud. How on earth did it get there, unless you have sewing spiders lol

(Helen Dale) #7

So, am I being a bit anal worrying about pins being trodden into my laminate flooring then?

I think your spider has the right idea @fionat. It’s no less plausible that a spider would take your thread to.decorate it’s new home than the idea that it’s going to spin some silky fibres out of its bum - yeah right!

(Donna) #8

I don’t have the problem of pins on the floor as I’m so very very careful, since I stood on one when I was younger. It was wedged into the carpet so snapped off in my foot! I had to have an op to remove it and was in crutches for 3 month afterwords, there are still bits of it floating around in my foot now!! So I’m a bit obsessive about it lol

(Helen Dale) #9

Ouch! Ill try and learn from your lesson - but knowing me I’ll have to find out the hard way!