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Do any of you sell at vintage fairs?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I had a great 2013 at Xmas with the fairs I sold at, but had the wind knocked out of my sales this year when I didnt do so well, so I thought as i have PLI all year round id give local Vintage Fairs a go. I have an interest in old beads/embellishments etc Ive picked up jewellery and clothes over the years, and have made a few headbands with diamante shapes and used trimmings from a ballerinas costume. My work is quite influenced from the past and a pal said she thinks my work would do better at these specific types of fairs.

I just wondered if any of you had tried alternative types of fairs instead of just Xmas or general craft fairs?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

We have a few craft and vintage markets that run year round in my area so I popped along to see if my work would fit with the overall feel of the event (my stuffs not all that vintage) or to see how much competion there would be (in some cases quite a lot). If they are regular markets why not pop along and talk to the stall holders they would be the best guide as to how well they do?

(Maxine Jones) #3

I did some with my previous business. I say, give it a go, just try and visit some before you get a stall to gauge footfall etc, people are generally buying for themselves rather than gifts so you should sell whatever the time of year.

Maxine x

(Rosesworkshop) #4

There are quite a few “Vintage and Craft” fairs around here and they are regular not just Christmas. They do seem to have quite a following. The table fee is about 50% more than for similar craft fairs, so definitely worth visiting as a guest to see if it looks right for you.

(Sue Beacham) #5

I have been to Vintage & craft fair’s, I have actually organised one last year and it was successful, I would like to do another craft fair early spring at the school on my estate, is there anyone interested in a stall, I live in Warwick, Midlands, let me know here or email me



(Kate Turner) #6

I did two last years and was really surprised at my sales although they are not vintage, but they were happy to have my items as my stall when set up is shall be say … very bright with all the children’s cushion fabrics. So Yes I would do them again

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

At this very moment Im filling in a form for the vintage fair. spooky!.
I need to get my head around the craft stall feeling agin, Id kind of switched of over new year. I need to get my act together.

(Grimm Exhibition) #8

I need some help as im not too good with money talk.

I had to pay £5 deposit for the vintage fair Im selling at soon. I also have to give 30%
of anthing I make to the organiser. Does that mean I can take that £5
out of the 30% that I give them.

eg I make £25, 30% of that is £7.50, minus £5= £2.50 to give to organiser?

(Leathermeister) #9

@GrimmExhibition probably not but the best thing would be to have a word with the organiser and confirm it with her.

(Leathermeister) #10

@GrimmExhibition thinking about it 30% seems a lot of commission to pay esp on top of £5.00 deposit. I would query it and ask what kind of numbers do they expect to get at the fair are there some other stall holders you could speak to and see it proves a worthwhile sale to attend. and query if it will be viable for you to take part. Hazel

(Grimm Exhibition) #11

Thanks for your concern,Ive heard good things and with Mothers day next month I guess I can only go and see if its worth it.
I felt it was alot too, but usually I pay £20 per craft fair table with no guarantee of any sales.

As explained above I would have to take £70 before I pay the same amount to organsers at this venue. If i make £70 Ive had a very good day. its capped at £40 so if I hand over £40 Ive taken something like £140 in sales!!
(above amount ammended from £200 to £140, I realised my maths was totally wrong)

In the past Ive paid £20 for a table and taken £14 in sales, so Im paying over 100% to the organisers.

(Leathermeister) #12

Pleased to see there is a cap on fees, go and have a good day wouldn’t it be lovely to get over the capped amount. Hazel

(Grimm Exhibition) #13

It would be great, I can only try. Its just nice to get out and do something different. Il let you know how it goes.

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

Just got back after a nightmare journey home.
Vintage fair was slow but I made a few sales, I only had to pay £10 in fees. It is definatly clothes and accessories orientated so Il have to see what clothes I have that I can get rid of and maybe take some of my own jewellery that looks a bit retro.

(Grimm Exhibition) #15

here is a walkaway dress I saw at the fair, this style of dress was featured on the sewing bee prog last week, Id never heard of it before.

And some of my stuff I took.