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Do you ever have to make something just to work out if you can

Nearly all my stained glass pieces are suncatchers which hang from a hook.

I do make the occasional non-hanging piece… I’ve made candle boxes, business card holders and more recently I make a stained glass Cockeral, always called Richard, which stands up.
Richard l lives on the windowsill in my living room and only falls over when pushed. Richard ll - Vl have flown off to their forecever homes.

The other day, someone who had seen Richard V at their sister-in-laws asked if I could make a standup for her… but an Owl.
Making the Owl is a doddle.
Making it stand up a challenge.

I promised her I would get back to her today with a design and a price.

I realised belatedly I couldn’t give her a design first as I had no idea if it would work, standing up, until I had tried it.

So I did and I just hope she likes the design and the price. (£24 + P&P)

I have no idea where I got the chunky green blocks which I’ve used for the stand but I hope she doesn’t want another standing owl as I have no more of them.

I’m really rather pleased with it but can’t show it off as she contacted me through Facebook so can’t put it on my page as it’s a present for her husband so I’m just checking on here that it’s ok before I show her ?

I’m also wondering if other people have the same problem of having to make something first before you can work out how much it should be and more importantly if you can actually make it ?


I’m sure she’ll be delighted with it, it’s beautiful and has such a sweet expression.

Must have been a difficult situation, having to make it to find out if you can! :smile:

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It was even more of a relief when I found out I could or rather when I came across those green perfect blocks. Amazing what’s tucked away in the boxes and pots in my garage. :slight_smile:

Its lovely Joy @JOYSofGLASS and yes I often have to make things to see if they will work. Always a good idea in my head but not always in reality - quite a few get turned into something else or end up in the bin!

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I’m the same and sometimes have to remind myself not to see my failed try’s as a waste but as a means to a lovely product!

I love the owl @JOYSofGLASS
I think experimenting and seeing what works or doesn’t and what is possible is all part of the creative process and helps us learn more about our crafts. After all, we learn just as much from our mistakes as from our successes. At least that’s what I tell myself!:blush:

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Thanks all. Well I’ve emailed my customer with 4 photos and explained that I had to make first, agree design second and am now awaiting a reply. You’ll know if she doesn’t like it because if she doesn’t I’ll be listing it on here!

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