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What's your record?

(Sarah Lambert) #1

I’ve remade an earring 7 times and I’m still not happy with the outcome, why is it that an idea for a design seems good in my head but in reality doesn’t come out right.

What’s your record for remaking something and did it turn out ok in the end?

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Im currently reglueing a crown to a project, so far Ive done it 3 times, nothing sticks!! I may have to abandon the crown idea all together:o(

(Teresa Connolly) #3

Gosh that is a lot I have remade things a few times to get it right though my way is sometimes I make something then later after its finished and listed I think of adding a little something or changing it a little. I did this with this girls clowns bag. I thought I’d add Pom Poms to it which I do think gives it that little extra and suits it!

I hope you get it tight next time!

All trial and effort I suppose :smile:


(Nobias Art) #4

Designed and made this ring back in May, turned out to be my most successful item, I had around 30 order since then, just for this particular ring. But around 5 of them went to scrap because I ruined the wires when I was working with it.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Could you sew it on Grimm?

(Sarah Lambert) #6

Those pom poms really lift that bag Teresa, although it is bright and cheery on its own.

I know 7 times is a lot, I may give up on it. I hate being beaten though.

(Sarah Lambert) #7

I’ve seen that ring, it’s fab :grinning: . Yes I should imagine you have to be really careful with coloured wire, well done on all the orders though.

(Christine E.) #8

I made a textured copper frame some time ago, but couldn’t get the finish right. It showed every fingerprint so I tried leaving the oxidation on, which I didn’t like, polished up up again oxidised it in a pattern, lacquered it, still didn’t like it. Put it in the cupboard for ages, found it, rubbed it with sandpaper and sold it on eBay as “distressed”! Got £8 something for it.
Was it worth persevering? Probably not, if you consider the time put in!

(Sarah Lambert) #9

Haha, a lot of my work is distressed anyway Christine :smile:

But yes, the time is the annoying thing, I’ve spent hours on it and it still looks wrong. Never mind, other things go well :blush:

(Nobias Art) #10

OOh thank you Sarah! Oh yeas super careful, you can’t scratch it just with very sharp things when you push it, so they are great when used, but with the tools got to be careful. Since then I don’t create in the evenings anymore. Lesson learned:)

(Rhiannon Rose) #11

Lol, I’m just about to take apart an amethyst wire wrapped pendant because it’s not quite right: I guess most people wouldn’t notice, but to me it’s just wrong. My record is 5 attempts at making the second of a pair of earrings. No matter how i tried, I could not get them to match! They are still hanging up on my shelf: maybe I’ll gt them sorted one day :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

I’ve been there. I was creating a new pattern for a hat and kept making errors all over the place my maths that day hat taken flight right out the window. I also kept dropping stitches. I lost count how many times I had to undo the thing or part of it.

But then everything I knit or crochet is like that as it’s all trial and error on my part until I have what I first imagined.

(Jenny Baxter) #13

I haven’t kept count (I don’t think it’s good for me!) but I’ve certainly been there. Sometimes I find putting it away and coming back to it after a break helps - when I’m fresh rather than frustrated! - in fact, this has sometimes resulted in something different and better :smiley:

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

@plainprimitives Sadly I have to glue metal to wood, sewing isn’t an option.
This is what Im making(below), I thought I had a breakthrough earlier but with a bit of force the crown came away(her crown is just balancing in the pic). Ive tried hot glue, UHU, araldite, I think Il have to try that e6000 Ive heard about or scrap the crown idea altogether.

(Sally Eira) #15

e6000 is really strong & is great - but the warnings on it can be enough to put you off using it … !
if the edge of the crown is thin though there is the risk that the glue will show though.

(Sarah Lambert) #17

Wow she’s great though @GrimmExhibition Hope you get it sorted.

(Grimm Exhibition) #18

Thanks for comments and info. I had a word with myself and tried the araldite again, paying particular attention to the instructions this time. I seem to never get the quantities right so it doesn’t set, but this morning I experienced a non wobbly crown. Fingers crossed it continues, as I tend to do experiments with my work, il be wobbling it for days.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #19

HeeHee, if I counted up all the stitches I had un ravelled, I bet they would still amount to more than I have ever actually knitted!
I think that is the lot of a knitter.
Suzzie x

(Liz Clark) #20

It took me 4 attempts to do a magpie, I was doing a traditional black and white one and it just wasn’t right. In the end Walter was the result!