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Do you have photos of your craft stalls?

Please share any pictures of your craft stalls :slight_smile: x

Here’s a snap of my latest @twinkleandgloomart stall, I try to make it part exhibition, part curiosity and part organised stall!
It’s a rubbish photo really, it looked really good in person.


This is part of my stall from last Christmas. All of my jewellery is either laid out in boxes, or some of the necklaces are on busts. They look a bit wonky here because I was in a hurry to set up before it started!
And the stall was at our local covered market, which is why it’s massive - and it was only £20 for the whole stall, bargain! x


This is the mezzaluna stall at Cirencester, we are here every fortnight (except in Summer). A bit busy looking because it is a small table but hopefully it looks approachable.


This picture was taken a few years ago at a big 3 day indoor event.


Here’s one of mine


here is mine.


Here is a pic of my stall this time last year.

Way too jam packed and only a couple of key items sold. So this year il be taking the things that did sell and leaving behind the things that didnt even get a look in.
Il add a pic of my mock up table in the next couple of weeks as the next fair is at the endof september. I now have a card stand so thatl free up space on the table.


Outdoors @ Best of Faversham market. I find the interaction with customers interesting as it’s much more direct than online. I have been selling journals, notebooks and stationary on this stall.

This was at a massive local art event in very big marquee in a field with over a 1000 visitors. Everyone could use a Heras panel to hang things on and I also used a small table in front of it selling original art and related products. Looking at the photo I realise I should have covered up my junk under the table a bit better!!
One of the things I like about these fairs/events is meeting other makers. It’s interesting and encouraging.


Do you find people happy to rummage through your items or do they sort of skim over everything in a polite sort of way? I find most people are a little reluctant to browse with their hands.

I love those patterns!! Nice display too!

This was my very first craft sale at a local church hall, I really enjoyed enjoyed myself and learned a lot about display and particularly not to overdress your table. Sometimes less is more!

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That is indeed a massive space! I think you displayed it nice and clear and the height at the back makes it interesting to look at. The mirror is a good idea which would encourage customers to try things on perhaps.

Very nicely done. I like it!

Thank you! Your stall looks great too, very professional :slight_smile:
I always like to take a mirror for customers but it is rarely used, I like to have it just in case though.

This is my stall at a local kidney fundraiser held last month. I sold mostly small items that day but it was a way of making myself known and getting some feedback on what people like best!


This is my general set up in a gazebo, its like this most of the time for street fairs, music festivals, shows etc.

And then this is me when I’m in a marquee, I try and get enough space for 2 tables, not only because I have alot of stuff, but also because it gives people more room to browse and more people can see rather than have to wait their turn (get bored and walk off!).
When I first started trading I traded at Bude market, I wanted to display my “different” jewellery differently so used to use rocks and slate, but they got too heavy to carry around, so now I just use the slate, I get alot of comments on how well it shows off the jewellery.
I am fortunate that I also sell my husbands artwork which is a real eye catcher.


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Lovely to everyone’s stalls, all looking lovely.
I haven’t taken photos of my recent stalls, got these to share these are previous stall set ups


Great pics one and all.
I sold at a craft fair yesterday, here are some pics for you.
If anybody wants one of these card display stands please get in contact with me(the original owner has loads to sell, no money goes through me)