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Show us your Craft Stall!

(Jacqueline Austen) #1

Sorry if this has been done already - couldn’t find a similar thread.

Let’s post pictures of our stalls and tell everyone where it was taken and the venue of our next fair - in case anyone wants to come along?

I will start…

This was taken at Winchester Guildhall last weekend.

I will be at Newbury, St Nicholas Hall on Saturday 2nd May - would love to see you there.

Over to you - I would love to see your stalls!

Jacqueline x

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Your stall looks wonderful Jacqueline :slight_smile:

All the best with the fair next weekend. All being well I’m exhibiting my miniature art to Suffolk on the 3rd May This is a photo of me last year at a Dolls House and miniatures fair… My stand set up has changed since then but it’s the only picture I have on my phone right now :slight_smile:

(Jacqueline Austen) #3

What a stunning stall Hazel! I have been trying to minimise what I put out on mine as I tend to over crowd it. The picture above was my first attempt at ‘de-cluttering’ but I think I may have still had too many pieces out.

Your fairs sound really interesting. I would love to make miniature items - do you think there is a market for tiny jewellery in the Dolls House market???

Jacqueline x

(Hazel Rayfield) #4

Thank you Jacqueline … We have tried a few variations on the stall set up even took my laptop with a slideshow to demonstrate how I paint in hot wax and show off the paintings but it just took up space so we go with as many pictures as I can get out in the stall. Seems to work best lol

I haven’t been doing the fairs long and I don’t know about miniature jewellery at fairs, I haven’t seen anyone specifically selling them although many of the stalls sell lots of different things mainly Dolls House related, the houses, furniture etc some people specialise - in dolls and clothing or handmade furniture etc. There are a few Facebook groups for Dolls Houses and Miniaturists why not test the water and ask in there ?

(Diane Burton) #5

I don’t have any photos of my stall set-up (haven’t done any since Christmas) but will take some on 2nd May when I do my next fair which I’m hoping will be busy as it’s on the same day as one of the Tour De Yorkshire stages in the town where the cyclists are setting off. I must admit I always seem to cram a lot on my stalls mainly because my cards tend to be one-offs it’s difficult to know what to leave under the table :slight_smile:

(Meadow Stitch Uk) #6

I’m always changing my stall set up as I can never decide what should be more prominent. I also change it according to who I think will be going to the event.

My next event is Lydiate Village Festival where I’ll have a gazebo to fill. Cue more display props!

(Dizzy Miss James) #7

I love doing markets and my stall has developed so much form when I did my 1st stall.

(Stephanie Sinclair) #8

Apologies for the quality of this pic!
So nice to see everyone else’s pictures and to see how very beautifully some stalls are set out.

Yesterday I was happily but unexpectedly provided with TWO tables in the corner of this (local brewery display section, in case you were wondering!) museum.

I attend the Duck Pond Artisan Food & Craft Market in Ruislip every third Sunday monthly but my things are all crammed on to one table there. I am getting better at ‘less is more’ but it’s a slow process!
I’m also trying to up my game with my Facebook page


(Jacqueline Austen) #9

Stunning stall pictures everyone. @DizzyMissJames I totally agree with your comment about first stalls. Mine was just chaos! What to put out, what not to put out - argh!!

Jacqueline x

(Pauline Hayward) #10

This is my stall at a Christmas fair last December in Exmouth Town Center.

(Dawn Sneesby) #11

Pauline, that looks lovely and so festive.

(Pauline Hayward) #12

Thank you @dawnsneesbyjewellery. This fair is my best one of the year.

(Jacqueline Austen) #13

Love your hot air balloons! They would do very well in the Newbury area as in the summer we see so many of them and ther are a lot of balloon enthusiasts here.

Jacqueline x

(Diane Burton) #14

Here are a couple of photos of my ‘dummy run’ for my table on Saturday, I would love any opinions (good or not so good)

(Pauline Hayward) #15

Looks good @DeesDesigns its best not to fill every space because people get baffled. You could maybe put a little business card holder in one of the spaces. Not like me I like to get as much as I can on my table and hubby always tells me not to.
Sorry I’ve just seen you’ve put them at the front.

(Dawn Sneesby) #16

Looks inviting, crisp and clean. I would certainly be drawn to it if I was at the Craft Fair.

(Jacqueline Austen) #17

Looks great! You should do really well. I really like the baskets.

Jacqueline x

(Diane Burton) #18

Thanks Jacqueline, the white baskets are actually plastic but look woven (from a distance at least) I found them in our local Lakeland kitchenware shop and they were only a couple of pounds each :slight_smile: better still they stack inside each other when empty so I don’t have a wobbly pile of baskets to pack away/store when they’re not being used.

(Diane Burton) #19

Thanks Pauline, I have a few more cards to add, mostly in the baskets but a couple that look better stood up on the stall but I’m trying not to have it too cluttered (I usually have a crammed table too) I have a few bookmarks to add to draw the little ones in with their pocket money (and hopefully their parents/grandparents with a bit more money to spend :wink: ) but plan on standing most of them in a pot of some kind (I’ve seen a nice one that matches my white baskets if I get time to go shopping in York before the weekend)

(Diane Burton) #20

Thank You Dawn, it’s the first time I’ve sold at this venue so hoping for a good day, the Tour De Yorkshire will be starting it’s 2nd day in the same town as the market so hopefully there will be lots of people about :slight_smile: