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Do you make scatter cushions?

(Sarah Brown) #1

Hi there!

Do you make scatter cushion covers? If so, I’m hoping you may be able to help.

I have been designing scatter cushion covers, probably to sell with bought cushion pads. I have been advised that the covers themselves will need lables, and am really interested in knowing what other makers out there include on theirs.

Do you attach a label, and if so, what do you include on it?

Looking forward to learning something new, and finally being able to sell my new designs!

Sarah :slight_smile:

(Christine Shephard) #2

Technically, the covers should show fibre content details e.g. 100% cotton, but the labels don’t have to be attached to the covers, they can be on the packaging or on a removable label. I doubt many handmade ones have them, especially when made from recycled/vintage fabric, as the fibres are not always known. I sometimes include the details (if known) but not always.

The cushion pads should have labels, and need to meet BS regs for fire safety. I buy mine in and make sure they are labelled.

(Kelly) #3

Hi Sarah @PeachTreePig, Christine @ciesse is right and some people do have woven labels sewn into their fabric products. If you’re not interested in them, I have a good selection of tag labels in my shop for all crafts, products & packaging if you’d like to look. x

(Sarah Brown) #4

Hi @ciesse and @tagpress! Thanks so much for getting back to me - really useful info.

Will def pop over and look at your labels Kelly, whilst I decide what to do x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Mine have the information of materials and stuffing are recorded in the listing.

Ie cotton 100% or knitted ones are 100% acrylic yarn etc

Hypo allergic polyester fibre confirming to the Furniture and Fittings (fire safety) regulation 1988

so yes all there in my listing but I’ve not added a material sewn in tag but I do a card tag with the details to put into the package.

(Sarah Brown) #6

Great - thanks @EileensCraftStudio - your reply is much appreciated. Didn’t realise everthing would be quite so complicated when I started moving into cushions! x

(Sarah Lambert) #7

Very off topic but I’m interested in your shop name-I imagine a happy pig slurping on sun ripened peaches in a french chateau somewhere :blush:

(Sarah Brown) #8

Haha @plainprimitives… I love that it conjures up that image! The name came about when I moved away from Sparkleastar to find one that people would remember, and be able to spell! Took ages to put my finger on it, and then one morning, whilst looking out at the peach tree in our garden down in sunny Sussex, I was inspired to link that (my favourite thing in the garden) with my love of all things piggy. And so, PeachTreePig was born :slight_smile: