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Cushions and covers

i am just setting up shop and about to list some cushions i would like to give the option to buy the cushion and cover together or just to purchase the cover itself.
how would you recommend i do this? create separate listings for each? or make a listing for the covers only in which i state that for an extra sum i will provide the padding too?
what have you found that customers prefer?

As a potential cushion buyer I would create separate listings for covers and different types of cushion pad that way I could buy just the cover if I wanted to or I could buy the cover and pad together. It also means that I can also decide what sort of pad I wanted eg feather or synthetic fill and see the price differential between the 2 types.
If you do decide to list just the cushion pads on their own you might want to put something in the wording about only accepting orders for pads if they are being purchased in conjunction with a cover (ie people can’t just buy a pad on its own).

hi , yes, i was thinking of creating listings of cushion with pad included and another of cover only. this seems like the best way to go. if i was buying a cushion i think i would prefer it this way .

When I have sold cushion covers on another site I don’t include the cushion, but state the cushion size I have used in the photo. I said something like “This listing if for the cushion cover only, giving you the option to choose which type of cushion insert you prefer”.

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This is very interesting and gives a big insight into why my cushions might not be selling.
I suggest listing the covers but show the covers with images of the cover with the cushion inside it so the buyer sees them in their full glory, then make 1 listing for the cushion, maybe with free P+P and saying buy pad with cover only as suggested before.

I shall think about selling my cushions without the inners.

As a cushion buyer I wouldn’t expect to receive the inner as well for an online purchase, especially knowing how much that would increase the postage. I’d just want to know the size of the inner needed so I could get my own. For face to face purchases it’s nice to have the option of with or without.

I’m with @HelenSmith on this one. I would never expect to get the cushion insert itself when buying the cover online- perhaps unless I was buying from say a larger store- I bought some cushions from House of Frazer before Christmas and knew they would come with the inner but then they certainly don’t pay what we pay for postage. I would just want to know the size of the inner I’d need to be honest.
I think as there’s no drop down option on Folksy for ordering the cushion inner- a shop might look a bit messy if for every cushion cover there was also a listing with the cushion inner as well.
Although- I guess some people would want the convenience of getting both.

Folksy needs drop down options for variations in the products shown where it changes the price accordingly. That would definitely help here!! Haha

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yes! a drop down options menu would be perfect!

i am selling a range of luxury cushions (lots of fabric involved and hand sewn detailing) and since they are so labour intensive i have to charge more for them. considering this, i felt i must include a cushion insert.
for the standard cushions i created two listings, one with and one without the cushion pad, but yes it does clutter up the store!

in future i think i will stick with the cushion covers only!

thanks for your input

Creating a separate listing with pad and without pads will always be convenient for buyers. Online buyers trust sites that are crystal clear with their offerings. A clear breakup will add to your credibility as nothing is hidden.