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Do you want to increase the number of people who use Folksy?

Yes you do which is why you have clicked on this post - thank you.

I’ve written a blog explaining (very briefly) what Folksy is.

I wanted something which I could share online via FB and which other people could read, without it necessarily relating directly to my own shop. So a blog that:

  1. Explains what Folksy is ie online shopping website, sells handmade goods only, British,
  2. Explains it is uncurated
  3. Asks people to use it for online shopping if they want handmade or bespoke gifts

It’s a small experiment to see if I can encourage people to join in and circulate it to their online friends. Will it make a difference to my sales? Maybe, maybe not. But if it raises the Folksy profile a bit more with my friends, then maybe others could do the same thing too and we’d build an avalanche of enthusiasm and awareness! There are 4000 of us after all and ultimately that must surely have an indirect impact of sales?

I’ve tagged the post details onto a couple of other threads too and any other ideas or examples of what you have done to raise the profile of the Folksy name (so not sales pitches but just general awareness) post them here and maybe we can build a mini database of best practices.

If you want to, you are welcome to take my post and as long as it’s rewritten so the language varies, you can publish it on your own blog. Or if you don’t want to rewrite it, you are welcome to share my blog or the FB post.

@folksycontent if you have any articles which you think would be good for this please let us know too ie something which talks about how Folksy was started maybe etc etc.


I am not very familiar with blogging, but I have enjoyed reading yours just now and have left a comment on the Folksy bit, adding a link to my own shop as you suggested on another thread. Have shared your Fb post to my own page too. Well done Heidi.

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Fab - thank you! For both the blog bit and the BF share - that’s really kind and hopefully will get people thinking ‘Folksy!’.

Out at the shops today it was pandemonium - people are definitely in the shopping mood…

And thank you to Julia for leaving a nice comment on the blog - sorry, I don’t know your shop but know you must be Folksy so let me know your shop and I can favourite some bits and/ or like your FB page! :slight_smile:

I’ve also liked your FB pages too @plumporridge and @Zoknitandsew,:slight_smile:

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Have shared on fb :slight_smile:

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thank you Heidi, have shared on my own and the Folksy Shop Group for you also left a comment on blog :slight_smile:

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Fab post - I’ve shared this on my Facebook page.

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This is great, Heidi. I’ve shared it on Facebook.

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What a great write-up! Shared it on Facebook :).

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Thank you @HeidiMeier for doing the blog to make more people aware of Folksy☺

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Thanks Heidi - just shared on my FB page

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Thanks everyone, really chuffed you liked it and hopefully it’ll be of value to us all. I’ll go through each of your shops/ FB and reciprocate :grinning:

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Thank you for your hard work Heidi

Effective advertising has been around for a long time, think ‘Benson & Hedges’ I can still remember their adverts even after they couldn’t show a cigarette and I’ve never smoked.

I would like a car sticker ‘Buy Folksy’ and some to slip in a sales parcel ‘I buy Folksy’ or something like.

Would it be useful to spend the next week noticing what forms of advertising hit your attention and could we use them here. :thinking:

I love this site :heart:


Lovely to see so much Folksy sharing going on :heart::heart::heart::heart

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Just Tweeted your blog, hope that helps xx

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Advertising idea no 1:
What do you think about the option of a shop banner that says

I shop FOLKSY too
Proud to be Handmade in Britain

Or something along those lines. It shows solidarity, that we support each other and have faith in other shops products.

This is easily created at no cost and when you can swap it back if it doesn’t work.

Anyone else with ideas we can share


Thank you Heidi
I have shared you blog on my FB page . Fantastic blog.
I have my Folksy address on my business cards and the amount of people that ask who or what is Folksy is unreal .
So I spend a lot of time at craft fairs Explaining Folksy to my customers.
I even offer a 10% discount on purchases from my Folksy shop.

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Wow - really made up with the response, didn’t get a chance to do much last night so am now updating and responding :slight_smile:

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Excellent blog! :blush: I have shared on both my fb pages and also twitter!

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Great blog. Well Done! I’ve shared it on my Faceboook page. Thanks

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