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Does anyone else get phantom notifications on "Shop activity"?

A couple of days ago I apparently had a sold out brooch included in “Mothers’ Day Cards” (it wasn’t). A couple of months ago I was told I had three sold out things featured in a gift guide. Although it’s not a huge problem I’m wondering if it’s happened to anyone else?..

Nope never had that one Christine :frowning:

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I supposedly had a couple of items featured in a valentine’s gift guide the other week - but haven’t actually seen them there (and they are still in my shop, so not sold).

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Yes, it happened to me a couple of times - maybe admin selected the items for consideration, then didn’t include them in the gift guides, for whatever reason. I was a bit disappointed not to see the items there, but it’s not a big deal, so I soon got over it …lol. :smile:


Ah yes I had three notifys of things in the Valentine’s guide but one was sold ages and ages ago and so is not of course in the guide. Not sure how they managed to do that but at least you know you are not alone.

PS I went in to recheck and while there spotted an anomaly
noitifies of 3 things in the Mother’s Day guide - no I’ll read that more carefully, just the first, the other two are in the Mother’s Day Card Guide but of course they are not, they are suncatchers not cards.

Think therefore if something is selected for a guide you get the notify but you don’t get a notify when it is taken out again.

Must admit the two which went into the card guide would make good cards so presume whoever ‘ticked’ them thought at first glance that they were.

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Glad I’m not the only one! It’s funny that they’re things that have sold a long time ago, though. If they’re being marked out for consideration it would be better if they were actually on sale now!

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Yes, this happened to me yesterday. I had two items that sold a couple of years ago (brooches) apparently chosen to feature in the Mother’s Day cards guide!

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Grrr. It’s a really annoying glitch and it’s driving me crazy!

Basically if we republish any gift guides that have previously been live - ever - it automatically sends you a notification to say your item has been included in that guide, even if it’s sold out, deactivated or expired. BUT the only items I can see in the guide are the ones that are live and active.

I’ve asked Doug if he can look into it. But in the meantime I’m really sorry for the notifications. We try to create most of the guides from scratch but we do use the same basis for some of them to keep the URL and links.