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(Little Ramstudio) #1

Just looking through the new Father’s Day gift ideas and Monochrome sections on the front page and noticed several shops having more than one item featured. As the sections are only 3 pages in length it does seem a shame to feature such similar items. With such a wealth of great, original shops here perhaps just one item per shop would get more people involved in the promotion and offer a richer blend of items for sale?

(Thecraftycurioshop) #2

Yes I agree. I also think the featured seller is featured for too long. It would be nice to give more shops a little bit of fame!

(Christine E.) #3

I agree about the items from the same shops in gift guides, but the featured seller is only on for a week, which I think is OK. Also I don’t think it’s always that advantageous to be featured- I’ve had a couple of things in Folksy Finds recently but no increase in sales (unless sales would have been even worse without them!) I was promised a Featured Seller slot back in the autumn and was upset when I went to the front page and someone else was there (apparently it was due to a staff change, but nobody told me). Since then and now I have had loads more sales than this featured seller!

(Nifty) #4

bet that made the hurt go away! I don’t think a week is too long at all, though it’s YEARS since I was featured. back then, my moment in the spotlight was probably only viewed by three people and their cats :slight_smile:

I don’t think any of us can rely on getting found via front page, though obviously I’d not turn the chance down

(Stephanie Guy) #5

I hadn’t realised that the same sellers were featured more than once in the monochrome gift guide. I can’t imagine that it was deliberate - @sianfolksy1 is this something that folksy HQ had noticed?

(Suzanne Francis) #6

I have often noticed that in the gift guides, maybe it’s because they fit the feature so well, and they don’t have time to search for more? it does seem unfair though

(Deborah Jones) #7

I noticed this in the jewellery guide , lots by the same sellers…and none by me :frowning: does seem unnecessary )

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #8

It’s quite common for several items from one shop to feature in Gift Guides. I just assumed that Folksy felt the items really deserved to be featured, so they were less worried about which shop they were in.

I suppose if more than 2 or 3 things are featured from one shop (esp. if it was “always the same shop”), then I feel aggrieved, but I don’t begrudge other sellers a couple of features. (still, I’m hoping that when I have finished improving my photos, I will get a feature a bit more often - I’ve only been in 2 so far, since I set up my shop 18 months ago).

Lizzie LizzieMade Hand Bound Books

(Alison Deegan) #9

Time for a “re-featured” seller slot maybe? It could run every 5th or 6th week in place of the featured seller starting from the beginning and working in the same order, (excluding closed or unstocked shops of course).


(Stephanie Guy) #10

I don’t understand that one Alison, there are so many sellers that haven’t been featured it seems unfair to refeature sellers that have already had a feature.

(Joy Salt) #11

Yes I noticed that too.

(Alison Deegan) #12

Because there are some very long-standing sellers who were featured years ago when visitor numbers were much lower than today. Under the current one-time-only system these loyal sellers will never have the opportunity to benefit from the exposure a Featured Seller spot now brings.

Alison (still waiting ;-))

(Tanith Rouse) #13

It does seem a bit unfair, especially as we keep being told that there are huge numbers of jewellery sellers on Folksy; you’d think they’d be able to find a bit more variety. Some of the items in “Adorn” have been there since November :frowning: