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Does anyone ever "Boost" their post on Facebook?

If you choose to boost your post on Facebook, do you get more sales? Who sees the post? Is it just people who’ve ‘liked’ my page? ( not that many, and mostly fellow sellers ). I’ve been thinking of trying it as a last resort but don’t want to throw money away for nothing :slight_smile:

I’ve done it a couple of times when things have seemed particularily dead. I think it helps and for a few weeks afterwards as Facebook becomes a little more generous about showing other posts.
Not sure if you can choose your audience with the Boost but I certainly have done with one promotion I paid for. Just make sure you restrict your spend as it tends to direct you to mega money when you can get away with a few pounds.

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I’ve done it a few times, I didn’t find it generated any sales though. I’m not really sure what it did.

The first time I tried the option to reach a new audience, then I had to choose an age bracket, gender, and what kind of interests my target audience had. That one failed to generate anything, but I may have misjudged my target audience that time (and not spent enough money!). After that I started targeting people who already liked my page and their friends, but at no more than £1.

I assume the more you spend the better results you get, but I find it risky for anything more than £1, maybe one day :wink:

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Thanks for the advice, Joy and Lowri. I’m thinking now I should have done it earlier in the month when I had a better selection of stock (and time to remake things that sold). I think I may forget about selling for a bit and concentrate on home! Haven’t even posted my cards yet…

You can tailor your audience when you boost your posts. I’ve had a bit more success with it this Christmas because I boosted my posts to men in the last weekend of Nov and got two sales from it. I also got some likes and shares which I was not expecting, although one of the chaps also immediately “hid my posts” presumably so his other half couldn’t see what he had bought. You can also tailor you budget too, and I would recommend this because I would not want to spend more than £5 over a weekend and FB’s suggestion is £8 for me which I thought was a bit steep.

These two threads are quite useful and you might want to read these rather than take my advice because I’m certainly no where near as proficient with FB as @davidandrewsxyz is, but I think there is a lot of truth in what he says here.

Sam x


Thanks, Sam!

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I use Boost sometimes for British Crafters. I select page likers and friends of page likers! I always get people remarking it is the first post from the page they have seen in ages so it definitely improves visibility. I haven’t yet boosted a post without it resulting in a booking so for a couple of quid it is definitely worth it for me :slight_smile:


Boosting your post can be a really good way to get your posts seen by more people but the best way of knowing if it will work for you is to try it. You can set your budget, so you could set aside a small pot of funds and experiment? Try different types of posts to boost and different amounts and see what works best?

There are other things you can try that might improve your visibility on Facebook too. Here’s a post with some tips…


Thanks Camilla. Read that with interest acouple of weeks ago and was pleased to see I’m pretty well doing everything recommended, My reach is pretty good, sometimes amazingly so.

I posted a hedgehog om my page on Saturday night and it attracted comments from my daughter’s friend and then my daughter while they worked out how I was going to get the hedgehog to the friend. The more they discussed the more the reach increased.
In the end I completed the discussion via messenger and Hid the comments as didn’t want the hedgehog to appear to be sold, as I had decided to make another the next day for the friend.
It all worked, someone bought the Folksy one early next morning and my post reach is 1098 - which is more than 50% of my page like total.

It seems hedgehogs have an appear to Mr Facebook !