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Facebook - 'boost post'

(Sally Eira) #1

hi there,
I was wondering if people use facebook’s ‘boost’ facility to improve their reach ? if so, has it resulted in sales etc? also - do you just boost a post or create an advert especially ?
i am feeling confused (as usual!)
thanks for any help

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(Liz Clark) #2

Hi Sally, I’ve done both and they’ve increased reach and interaction but (as far as I know) they haven’t resulted in sales. However I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently updating my photos so may try it again - as they say a photo says a thousand words LOL!

(Sally Eira) #3

thanks for your reply - do you make a special advert or just boost a normal post?

(Pauline Hayward) #4

I have used the boost button a couple of times and sure it did result in one sale at least and that was to America. I don’t really bother with it anymore as you need to keep an eye on it or you could end up spending too much.

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(Sally Eira) #5

thanks pauline - i may have a go.

(Pauline Hayward) #6

Just be careful don’t get carried away it can easy happen especially if you start getting lots of interest, it doesn’t always lead to sales.

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(Sally Eira) #7

how does the payment system work ? do you just pay per boost?

(Sally Eira) #8

i have real trouble with my photos so will have to make them better maybe first.

(Liz Clark) #9

I drafted an advert a year ago and titled it “Ready for homing! Adoption fees apply”

It got 44 likes, whereas my average is anything between 1 and 30!

Then when I boosted it again nearer Christmas and titled it “Give a bird a home for Christmas”, It got 77 likes. This advert I boosted to people in a certain age group etc rather than my likers and their friends.

However this was an advert I boosted to my existing likers to show them a new make as I wanted to know if I was heading in the right direction before I made anymore. I may have got a sale or two out of it, not sure, as all my sales are through Folksy so it’s hard to gauge where they come from.

Hope that helps?

(Sally Eira) #10

thanks for your help - i shall have a think and may have a go for my christmas designs.

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(Liz Clark) #11

Your photos are fab! You don’t look like you have trouble with them at all. Clean fresh white backgrounds are my nemesis I’m sure LOL, even with Photoshop!

As for payment, you can see for yourself - click on what you want to boost, and look at the info you can use to target your audience and how it all works. Don’t worry you won’t have to pay until you confirm “Boost” with the button on the right hand side. Left hand side shows you audience, budget, duration, and payment.

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #12

I boost a post about once every three months - I limit myself to £2 spread over 2 days, and target people with an interest in animals in all age ranges. It always gets me really good views, new page likes, and sales - well worth it :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #13

hi - thanks for your reply - much appreciated.

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #14

Interesting topic, it’s something I’ve been wondering about recently myself. I never knew if it was worth it or not, I find lots are interested in looking at my artwork until I mention prints etc are available!

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(Sally Eira) #15

hi -
have just had a go - am addicted to watching stats now !
will let you know how it goes …!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

Do watch out for a raise in likes that are not real in that they are from Click Farms.

(Sally Eira) #17

wht does ‘click farm’ mean - ?

(Sasha Garrett) #18

This should answer that question better than me

(Sally Eira) #19

what does this mean as regards facebook then?

(Sasha Garrett) #20

If you are using facebook’s own advertising services then hopefully nothing (they did after all have the purge of fake accounts and are anti click farms apparently). Some advertising companies get paid on ‘fee per click’ basis or you pay them to get you x number of facebook likes so if they then use a click farm to achieve the likes they get paid but you don’t get any benefit as the new followers don’t interact with your page.

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